Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, here's a quick look into my thrilling and exciting life. Try not to cringe at my wild and wanton ways. 
That's right, I organized my pantry this weekend. 
New Mason jars....mmmmm. I love me some new Mason jars - clean, shiny, lids that are not lost in the abyss. I'm not sure which is more exciting - throwing away all the ancient lentils/beans/pastas with that weird hairy growth stuff on them or opening up a brand new bag of flour only to drop it all. over. the. floor.  Really, who could choose?

I just cannot get my pantry to work. It's not supposed to be a pantry. It's supposed to be a hot water closet so maybe that's part of it. Identity crisis of some sort. Jackdaddy did a bunch of tedious and time-consuming cutting and sawing to make it lovely and workable so I suspect it has something to do with me, (can you even imagine?) but, for whatever reason, it is always mostly just a mess. I spend a lot of time on the computer looking at pantry porn. (Seriously, it's hard to keep up with me, isn't it? I'm just out of control!) You should do it. Google pantry organization and then click Images. You too will enter the vortex of lost hours spent staring at a box that is showing you other women's pantries. (For a second that looked like other women's panties! heee!) (Honestly, there's quite a bit of unintentional sexual innuendo going on here.)

Anyway...some progress.  And I am so grateful to even have a pantry because it is really, really much better than digging around in cabinets that are too tall for me. (Helloooo builder people.  Most humans are too short to reach the top couple of shelves in the kitchen cabinets.  Please design a better way. Please.)
Anyway, I'm lusting for the perfect pantry.  I am also looking for the damn label maker.  Had it. Lost it. Cannot find it.  Erg.


  1. I keep thinking "Her house cannot get any better/prettier/fancysmancier" but wow! You did it again!!!!
    This is just the most utterly glorious thing so far. I am not one to keep up with the Joneses but I do try to keep up with the Holts.
    Sigh. So it goes.

  2.'re having a ball with your ball jars? Or jars of balls? Either way...I feel your excitement. I just reorganized my spice cabinet (with labels) and my junk drawer on Saturday. Oh the thrill of an organizing cubby or crap sorter! What can I organize next?? ;-)

  3. In the mean time - Sharpie on glass. It will come off with rubbing alcohol. But you probably ought to confirm that before going and writing on everything. :)

    Also, just because I know you'll find it funny: I was watching a video the other day about how to do a push jerk (olympic weight lifting) since it was CrossFit work out day. The girl who was doing the demo said "don't do it this way [bending forward and not having your hands above your head]. If you jerk this way, you'll lose your load"

  4. O Golly I feel your pantie er pantry pain. Mr.H loves to put stuff away up high just to make me have to call him and use my whiney voice"Pleeeze come help me?" It makes him feel so manly.
    I too finally got some rectanglar lucited open boxes to lay in my spices on their sides to I could read their labels more easily.
    ms mdd

  5. Check boys' room for label maker.

    I don't have a pantry, either. It's a weird nether region. Lack of shelving. Very unsatisfactory. And unsatisfying. All that. I'm afraid to google pantries, though. Might have to throw up some boards and stuff.


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