Thursday, June 23, 2011

HOPE Farmers' Market

I'm totally obsessed with farmers' markets. 

OK, well, that's not really true. 

I'm not obsessed, but I really, really like them a lot.

I ordered some bulk tomatoes from Johnson's Backyard Farm so that I could make and freeze some homemade sauce (more on that later). 

They put them on bulk sale in the summer to keep them moving.

I got 10 lbs. for $14.00 which is tres good for organic, local stuff. 

Well, I was supposed to pick them up at the Burnet Road Farmers' Market, but forgot.

And then I was supposed to pick them up at Johnson's farm and I got hornswaggled on the way there. 

So I went to the Burnet Road market again on Saturday and they told me I could pick them up on Sunday at the HOPE market. 

Well, I had never even heard of it and because it was on the east side I was even more intrigued cuz I looooove Austin's east side. 

What a precious little jewel of a shindig, y'all!

The market runs alongside a giant art space that is open to the public on Sundays. 

A very cool art space indeed. 

Lots of cool, metal crap all around.

You know how I love old metal crap!

I 'bout had a fit over this table and stump chairs. 

I want that table. 

That table and some deliciously cozy pillows to throw all around it for seating.

Hmmm. That table might be better suited to a younger person with knees that still function. 

But I do think it would encourage me to sit up straight and I'm working on that.

My friend Jessie (who is still young lest you think it's just us old people bitchin' about it) and I have decided to SIT UP STRAIGHT more often because we find ourselves slumping so much.  We think it must be related to computer use. 

(When in doubt, blame it on the computer.)

Don't you love this?  YES YES Y'ALL.  That's gonna be the name of my next blog.

Big ole' stand up bass thingee just laying there whilst the musicians noshed a bit. 

They were delightful...damn...what was the name of that...oh, I know!  Whiskey Shivers

Cute, cute boys and good, old-timey music.

I wanna live in here. 

I wanna live in here after someone installs A/C. 

I really want to live in an old barn someday. 

Preferably after someone else updates it and makes it all "Martha/Apartment Therapy" perfect.

Crazy fish thing with Astroturf base. 

How can you not love something with freakin' Astroturf on it?

Oh, they have the coolest ever posters too!

I was plumb out of money (for the second time) or I woulda bought that precious monster one.

 Next week, for sure.

 I heart local too.

This is what it looks like.

It's actually quite shady despite how sunny it looks here. 

That cute lady above has a T-shirt stand with some of the most interesting designs I've seen in a while, and that is saying a lot here in Austin - home of the awesome T-shirt.

The kids can run free here plus there's a rad spot with more of that Astroturf where they can loll about and make some art or guzzle lemonade and whine for doughnuts.

I read some Yelp reviews before we went, but trust me, they're all full of crap. 

It might have been one thing at some point, but it's now a very viable market and cute as hell which counts for a lot. 

There were a lot of good farmers and many good vendors making food. 

I like this aspect of it as I get hungry as soon as I see all that yummy produce. 
This dude was here, and a guy making some rockin' good Indian food, Johnson's Backyard Gardens (yea), some cool cheese people, a damn knife sharpening guy (such a good idea), Windy Hill Farms, the hibiscus lemonade dude etc., etc.

Oh, just check out the website for a list of vendors:

I thought it was just adorable and can't wait to go again next Sunday to pick up some posters, eat more of that Indian food and get some knives sharpened!

This place really has an old-school Austin feel to it plus it's got that art vibe going and I love that.

Bring some money.  There's an ATM if you forget though.

Bring some for me too, while you're at it. Har Har.

PS About that tomato sauce. I had NO freakin' idea that it takes so many tomatoes to make fresh sauce.  I thought with 10 lbs I'd be freezing quart after quart.  I got enough for 2 dinners.  Crap, man, I'd rather just buy the stuff.  It was sublime though, I must admit.  Jar stuff, even the good jar stuff, can't hold a candle to it. 


  1. ooooooooooo, I want to go there the next time I am in Austin. I will start saving my money today.

  2. oh nice. It looks fun. Anyplace with art and food wins in my book. Thanks for the tip. BTW, have you heard about the Texas State Surplus STore? It's stuff the state sells because it doesn't want them anymore. Like alamo snowglobes.

  3. Please put me in a little stroller and take me with you next time? ms. mddd

  4. Could you get a twin stroller so Ms. Mudd and I could see the market togther with you?
    We could go to the Texas State Surplus store, too. Maybe they have a pink plastic flammagan to go in the front yard?

  5. Don't forget to have some of the tea that smells like compost...

  6. Don't listen to JackDaddy above! ;) I am so there next Sunday. WOOHOO!

  7. What a great market! I miss living in north Florida...there were so many great places like this. Down in south Florida there ain't much a nothin. I am jealous! :)

  8. I've made a number of trips to this fine little market in the past year. Count it among the many things I miss about not living on the East side anymore.

  9. I must agree with daddyjack because I have never tasted an herbal tea that didn't taste like compost. I love compost but I'll take a hot cuppa joe every time.
    ms mdd

  10. Thank you for posting about Hope Farmers Market. We visited this past Sunday and loved it [and the area]. We will be back again, I'm sure.

  11. It's not close to us, Wabi-Sabi, but we get to Hope Market every once in awhile and always come home with goodies and have a good time - glad you had fun, too!

    Updates on what's happening can be found on the Hope Market Twitter page

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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