Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I hate my chikkins today.

My beautiful, lush, rapidly growing Celosia spicata.  Grown from seeds given to me by Jenny over at Rock Rose which, in turn, were given to her by Phillip over at East Side Patch.

Cleaned out!  Annihilated! Murdered! They look like asparagus stalks, FFS!  I was shocked.  I am shocked. WHY? WHY????  These things have been growing there since late March!  Why now I. am. SO. irritated.  Grrrr.  Damn chikkins.  Damn, damn, damn chikkins.  These were destined to be gorgeous towering specimens of beauty and innovation and desire.  (It's late, what can I say?)  But, really, I have been very, very invested in the growing of these.  Dammit to hell... (as my crazy Aunt Margaret used to say.)  I would say more but my mama reads this blog.


Consolation prize: my zinnias.  Pretty pretty.  Not eaten by chikkins.  Grown from seeds given to me by Pamalicious.
Drumstick anyone?


  1. Oh THOSE! I had to google the name, and then aha! I have admired these tall wavy purply things at ESP before and dang, I'd be super pissed too. Try again dear.

  2. Thank you for reminding me how perfect a flower is the zinnia. I never think to plant them but, by golly, NEXT year (God willing) I am going to have masses of zinnias. The other flowers were a special treat for your chickkens. They have excellent taste. (No pun intended.)

  3. Oh girl! I know just how you feel! 'Cept I don't have any chikkins... But only because my husband won't let me have any... Any who, we DO have large, huge, fat-tastic deer up here on the North West siiiide that ate up all my chard! They apparently don't care for kale, but they sure do love chard AND sunflowers. All gone. Demolished. VERY unhappy. I moved all my delicious veggies to the back yard and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they make a come back. I'll Keep my fingers crossed for yours as well! P.S. I'll trade you some very naughty deers for one of your cute ass chikkins ;)

  4. Well, I did come here to whine and get sympathy, but then I went to Gator's blog and now I am laughing and happy. LOVE your blog. I'll just have to tell everyone.
    I wonder if deer will eat chikkn?

    MerryMerry - I threw those seeds on the ground and kinda spit at them every now and then and they grew like crazy!!!!Haw Haw on the pun, hun.

    Kat - so you saw those at The Patch? OMG...I had about 10 of them. So bummed.

    Danielle - with BBQ or plain?

  5. It's like me and my habaneros grown from seed - the plant will be doing fine and then some damn animal comes and rips the plant out of the ground.

    Hopefully those chickens will learn and leave your plants alone.

  6. Well, something ate one of my 'Black Pearl' peppers down to a nub, and I don't even have chickens. And what's been gnawing on my echeverias? Something! And don't even get me started on those d_mn deer in the front garden. Guess what I'm trying to say is, I feel your pain. :-)

  7. I was getting a few cool freebies from Beverly and I saw this cool 5 foot tall purlple/burgundy plant with flappy leaves and a feather duster for a 'flower.' Even the stem is purple. I gasped and asked "what is THAT?" Amaranth. I think they might be in the same family as the ones you lost. I asked for a baby one and she gave it to me...so nice of her. Check it out next time you're there.

  8. Ha! Glad my blog made you smile. I don't think deer particularly care for chikkens... But I have 6 pounds of chihuahua ferociousness that would be wiling to scare the be-jeezus out of 'em ;) Maybe they'd learn to love the neighbors house. She just needs a cute little pair of doggles to protect her cute little peepers. In purple. A one eyed baby dog would be a very sad situation.

  9. BBQ with a margarita from the awesomeness that is my new VitaMix! ;)

  10. such a bummer when you invest emotionally in something like a growing, thriving plant. but i bet you are enjoying those fresh eggs!!

  11. Oh what a shame...I wonder if there is any hope for them putting out new leaves??? Oh crap...I will take a thigh also!!!

  12. I just don't know what to say. There must be some kind of screenie protection device for next time. An idea will emerge with the vita-mix suggestedd above because you must not be deterred!!
    ms md
    Show them chikkens a thingortwo.

  13. Oh no! But don't hate your chickens, they are just being chickens. I miss mine. My husband asked me for a divorce earlier this year and I ended up not only leaving the hood but Austin too. My chickens were all hauled away to their new home, wah! So I only see them in my dreams.


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