Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekending at the Holt House

Huzzah! And a happy Beltane to ye, lads and lasses! 
For our May Day celebration, The Wabi-Sabi household headed out to Richard Garriot's place on the lake for a day of jousting.  Jackdaddy's friend, Sean, is a jouster extraordinnare and we were thrilled to finally get to see him compete.
Check it out HERE
This is real jousting, my friends, not the choreographed stuff you see at the Renaissance Festival.  (Although, like said festival, there is plenty o' bodice- ripping, grog-swilling and bagpipe-playing.)  

Not to mention the trying out of the stocks.  Nasty, nasty things, the stocks.  

And pirateing!!  Can you believe this thing? There is a little Medieval village set up there with a fortress, a jail, a weird maze thing (with fake blood dripping down the walls for that authentic Medieval feel, I suppose), and an incredible rope swing between two tree houses.

(You KNOW I was wanting that rope bridge and tree house set-up for The Wabi-Sabi house...really, really wanting it.)

The horses were a sight to behold.  Magnificent things, all of them.  
We were also so delighted to see The Horse Boy Foundation folks there.  If you've never heard of them,  I highly suggest watching their documentary - The Horse Boy.  The movie is a  beautiful and heart-wrenching story of a family searching for answers to their son's autism.  FinnigantheCurious was quite star-struck by seeing Rowan in person.   Rowan is such a beautiful child you'd be star-struck even if he wasn't a movie star!
I should have been at home weeding and watering, but instead I went wenching.  I'll take a wench over a weed any day!


  1. How amazing. I know Richard Garriott (and I bet Sean). I've been down for a number of visits.

    It was a great show which I didn't have a chance to go see. Glad you had fun!

  2. What a magnificent thing to get to see. And the vendors! Speaking of ... The Donald to the white courtesy phone, please. Revival clothing has a great medieval hat section. Just sayin'. It's one thing to love the family cat and it's quite another to wear it everywhere.

  3. what a cool place! you can weed anyday, but you can't always celebrate your wenchiness!


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