Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tales of survival in the garden today...
OW!  Why, I ask you, this spot?  WHY?  Surely (don't call me Shirley) there are more comfortable spots that this!  And how did he/she get there unimpaled? (No such word, but it works.)

Teeny, tiny babies growing up out of the fire pit bottom.  I think that whole fire/new growth thing is so, well, weird.

This is a really crappy picture of me showing you this tiny tomato plant that made the most beautiful tomato.  The plant is only as tall as a pair of eyeglasses.  Never underestimate the power of small, y'all.

Um, well, guess the old "nail in the cactus trick" failed.  The nail did well though, don't you think? Har Har. 
Oh, yea, and one more thing.  I  added one of those Amazon book thingees to my blog over there on the right.  If you click on a book and then buy it Amazon gives me about half of a cent.  Ferraris!  Manolos! Unlimited budget at The Natural Gardener!
Survival of the fittest, indeed.
Happy Weekending, y'all!


  1. AwwShucks - I thought the little nail would shirley work. Nice try. I'm proud of your little tomatoe. Better eat it before the critters get it.
    ms md

  2. Smart move with the Amazon button! Crazy snail and tomato plant! Don is out fighting fires again, he talks of how fast the green pops up after a fire - crazy!

  3. Last year I pulled up what I thought was a dead bouganvilla, threw it in the burning pile and set it on fire. It burned merrily. In about a week I noticed long green shoots coming out of it. I call it my Phoenix plant and it is still chugging happily away.

  4. Ms Mudd - I ate her tonight. YUM! Mayonnaise and salt and a beer.

    Danielle - Oh, oh...Don is a hero. He's got a white light bubble from me on him!

    Merry - I remember that story of your boug!!! Isn't that just crazy? Does yours bloom? Mine never has. I heard hibiscus food is the trick.

  5. it's a brutal world out there! a reminder to stay fit!


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