Monday, May 9, 2011

Ode to my Mama

Chicken my chicken my creamy crow,
I went to the well to wash my toe,
When I got there the water was low,
What time is it, Old Witch, Old Witch?
What time is it Old Witch?
Old Witch, Old Witch, she lives in a ditch,
And combs her hair with a hickory switch.
She lives on nails and snails and flies
And if you go near she'll wobble her eyes,
Oh, she'll wobble her eyes, Oh, she'll wobble her eyes.

It's a strange ode, I admit, but we are a strange pair, my mama and I.  She used to sing this little ditty to us when we were children.   I finally got one of these crazy metal chikkins for Mother's Day! (Hint: it's good to buy your own MD present.)  Seeing this crazy old thing in my yard makes me appreciate having a good sense of humor which, in turn, makes me appreciate my mama all the more because she is the reason I have such a crazy sense of humor.  
Oh, I do love my mama more than anything in the world.  (Well, I do also love my son and my husband more than anything in the world, but there is a special love that is just for a mama.)
Here's to you, mama!  May we always be a crazy pair of old hens! 

PS  The surprise I talked about on Friday didn't happen which is good and bad. Bad because it didn't happen and good because now there's still a surprise to come. La, la, la. 


  1. And be assured your Mama loves you more than anything in the world (of course I love Roo and Charlie, too, but a SPECIAL love from a Mama to a daughter).
    Thank you for being you.
    Your Mama

  2. I'm going to steal your chicken. It's the only kind I can have here, and I keep telling Don I'm getting one! Hope your day yesterday was awesome!!

  3. what a sweet tribute! and you are so smart to tell you mom over and over how much you cherish her!


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