Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was lazy this weekend. Sposed to do a bunch of stuff. Well, I did do a bunch of stuff like napping and laying around in the sun and drinking "just one more" cuppa ... you know, important stuff. Kitchen cabinet doors still sitting on the patio, unpainted. Fortunately, this little zinnia was working hard.  You know, thinking about it,  I did do a little manual labor ...

Notice something funny about that little cactus head? A little incognit0liciousness, maybe?  That cute little red bloom fell the hell off about 14 seconds after I brought it home. So I found a tiny nail and popped that sucker back on. Wabi-sabi that, y'all.

Gussied up the tars in front of the chikkin coop. Oregano, lantana, rosemary and uh, something else.

My purple coneflowers are the last in town to bloom, me thinks. She is gonna bloom though...any day now.
We're planning to work hard on finishing the spa this week. That doesn't mean anything will actually get done, but we're planning on it. (I've been planning on painting those damn cabinets and you know how that's going.)
Onward, muchachos!


  1. Oh my god, that is hilarious that you NAILED the cactus head back on! I love it!

  2. There is an old tar in my backyard that is extremely unsightly (to say the least). Why don't men throw away/recycle old tars?
    Since it seems it will be here for the duration I think I, too, will plant sumpin in it. Plumbago or lantana maybe.

  3. I love your gardening style. I planted a comfrey plant in the back yard. Now I have to remember to water it because it's the only thing that's new (I have lemon grass and a yellow broom.

    No chickens. if I owned my house I'd have 'em.

    coneflowers do really well here. It'll bloom.

  4. Nancy: Is that a picture of Ginko leaves on your comment space?

  5. heh. Love the nail! You nailed it! (get it?;)

    Sounds like you had what I call a successful weekend.

    (less.than.a.month. squee!)

  6. I love your tar herbal containers. I was actually able to make some pesto with my very own herbs! I had rosemary, parsley, basil and mint. My VERY first herbal compositon and I am so proud! I applaud your use of the tiny nail. That is so what I would have done.
    Ms Md


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