Thursday, May 5, 2011


Drunk on color, that's what I am, dammit.  Cracked out on it, to be honest.  I have dear friends who are not of the color persuasion who are simply horrified by my yard (and home).  I can understand this ... I really can.  It's not unusual for me to walk in my backyard and totally freak out by all the ... COLOR and CRAP.  What can I say?  It's a compulsion, of sorts.  And NOW,  I've started with the annuals crack.  Annuals are crack, I tell you.  I've never had any until this year.  I really think that one of my favorite flowers of all time is Cosmos.  (I was gonna put the botanical name here so y'all would think I'm a real gardener, but all I can remember is that they're orange, but called Red-something.  Oh lordy, I'm terrible, aren't I?)  Whatever.  They are SO orange and you know how I love orange.  I put a bunch right by the cobalt blue bird bath ... POW!  Mega Gaudylicious.

I got soooo sucked in to gaudy today.  It's those damn annuals!  Damn, damn them. I just went annual crazy today.  Yea, $30.00 worth of crazy that may or may not reseed next year.  It's like going out to a good dinner.  It's soooo good while it lasts, but you wake up hungry just the damn same.  Sigh.   I got suckered into another strawflower thingee because I am obsessed with them.  Flambe Yellow Strawflower (chrysocephalum apiculatum blah blah blah.)

I so cracked out on the annuals that I was entertaining the idea of just having an entire yard of Cosmos and Strawflower...everything else be damned.  I mean, seriously, what more could you want than this silvery yellowy thingee that needs mostly nothing in the way of care?  (I'd like this same model number in a husband. HooHaw...just kidding!)  I got some other damn annual thing too.  I have no idea what it is although, I guess the plant ID thingee is out in my yard somewhere.  It's soooooo cute....look....

What is it?  Y'all know?  Maybe tomorrow I'll go poking through the Nerf bullets and chikkin poop and crappy city mulch to find the little tag.  (I know you're on pins and needles.)
(Update: Thanks to the lovely Linda of Central Texas Gardener fame, this sweetie pie is a Calibrachoa, aka Million Bells.)
(UpdateUpdate: Um, so, wrong Linda.  Yet another fabulous Linda whose wonderful blog is HERE. Please note that she is growing water chestnuts!  I used to know a great joke about a parrot and chestnuts...hmmm...I'll have to think. Anyway, the new Linda is gonna get a visit from me cuz I want to learn to grow food like she is.)

Update on the woolly balls area:  L.O.V.I.N.G. the strawflower/gomphrena/gregg's mistflower/sunflower combo.  My yard is so shady that I get downright blissed out at this kind of color combo.
Well,  so much for crack.  I'm a daytime junkie... now it's 10:00 pm and I'm nodding off as we speak.  What's crack for you these days?


  1. I WAS going to plant roses but now that I have seen your annuals I am hooked, too.
    Look out Garden Center: here I come!!!!

  2. I think that little orange NOID is Million Bells (Calibrachoa). It's a great choice for a low-care garden. Should bloom like crazy 'til frost. They are darling, aren't they?

  3. Crack for me is knowing I'll be in Austin ONE.MONTH.FROM.TODAY. :) WOOHOO!

  4. Miss Muriel - buy BOTH! I have some knock-outs and LOVE them.

    Linda - YES, that's the name. Thank you! I'll go back and put it in...probably. hee hee

    Danielle - YEA!!! OH YEA!!! Let's go scavenging. xoxox

  5. I,by accident,found your blog and want to say "thank you" --- your sense of humor is hysterical --- love, love reading your blog. Dianne
    PS I too am obssessed with obtaining new plants......

  6. Hey Diane!
    So glad you found me. Funny minds think alike, right? woo hoo!
    Where do you garden? Any new plants you're loving?

  7. A woman after my own heart. I just don't get an all pastel, or even worse, all white garden. I once read about a lady who said she preferred a LURID garden, and I immediately thought, yep, now we're talkin'! I love gomphrena too, but not as much as my deer do - talk about crack addicts! Let me know how the calibrachoa do for you. I didn't have much luck with them in Houston, but maybe they do better here.

  8. I am a color "crack head" too except that my colors aren't all in my flowers. I have SO MANY cans of paint that it would make your head swim...You name it, and I have it....especially a hundred million shades of green, dark red--wine, and blue...

    So I found this cool 1920's iron bistro chair for $6. that I'm painting spring oak leaf green, and a wash bucket that I'm painting French blue, and an old metal mail box that I just painted flaming red, and another mailbox hung on my outdoor shower that I just finished painting a cool minty green. You get the picture! Laura

  9. Ohhhhh...I have a pot of Cosmos coming up as well. The grands and I planted seeds...they are getting to be around 6-7 inches blooms yet. Love you annual fetish!!!


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