Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I had the honor of seeing the new bee documentary last night called,  QUEEN OF THE SUN: What are the bees telling us?   I feel like I simply must make you see this film if you can.  Really, Really, you just must.  In case you haven't heard, honey bees are having a bitch of a time these days what with mono-agricultural (is that a word?) practices, pesticides, destruction of bee habitats, blah blah blah.  Now don't go sticking your head in hole, dammit.  Just take a deep breath and read some things that YOU can do right now to help.  These suggestions are from the bee people and they know what they're talking about, OK? 

1. Plant things that bees love! Flowers and herbs...mmmm good!  HERE is a big list of plants and herbs that bees love. This is fun, right? Planting things! weeeeeeeee
2.  Please, please, please don't use chemicals and pesticides in your yard or on your lawns.  Really, perfect lawns and yards are a thing of the past.  Poisoning the bees is just like poisoning yourself.  It's the big picture thing, OK?
3. Embrace your weeds!  Weeds are there for a reason.  You don't have to let them take over, but stop pulling up every damn thing. Dandelions and clover are manna to bees.  It's like giving up ironing. You think you can't, but once you do? Oh lordy, a whole new world! Love your wrinkles and your weeds. You'll be happier for it.
4. YUM! Buy local, raw honey from the beekeepers.  They're everywhere!  They are! If you don't have a local farmer's market, just ask around.  Chances are there is someone keeping bees somewhere close to you.  If you've never sucked the honey out of a cone...girl, girl, girl.  You'll never go back, as they say. 
5.  Bees need water just like we do.  I have lots of shallow terra cotta dishes all over my yard and I keep fresh water in them.  I put a few rocks in there so the bees and butterflies have a place to light.  These are just the bottoms from flowerpots.  You'll be amazed who comes to visit once you put these out.  Bees, butterflies, toads, lizards, cats, chikkins, etc.!  
6.  If you find a hive or see a swarm of bees, DON'T PANIC!  They're not out to get you. If you're afraid, just go inside and look for a beekeeper in your area.  There are people literally waiting in line to take your bees and keep them safe! Bees are vegetarians and they are more afraid of you than you of them (probably).  Just stay calm, let them smell you, move slowly.  Be at one with the bee. 
7.  Be big pain in the ass.  (My personal favorite.)  Tell the people who make the laws that you care about honeybees cuz you really kinda like being alive and you really kinda want your kids and your grandkids to stay alive.  HERE is a link to get you started.  Tell 'em I sent ya. 

Look at these beautiful things.  Where in the world would be bee without them? D.E.A.D, y'all, that's where.
Now go buy some local honey, dammit. 

PS Thanks to Jessie, Elaine, Hedrich and Rebecca for the fun night of bee love.
PPS And thanks to Sonja for turning me on to bee movies in general.
PPPS If you really wanna see something about bees that is beyond freakyassfreaky, watch THIS. (Thank god for Alamo Drafthouse or we might never know about this kind of insanity.) 


  1. haha, ironing and weeds, great connection. i signed the petition, here's to bee-lovin'! got to see that movie...

  2. bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ;) I hope the movie is still available when I emerge from my cave! Signed the petition! xoxoxox

  3. BWAHAHAhahahaha! I did not think it was possible for me to love Isabella (yes, we're on a first name basis ;) any more. But I do.

  4. It just so happens that I am in the process of making a bee/butterfly/toad/whatever friendly area. I have several claypotbottoms that are ready for fresh water to lure who knows what.
    We NEVER, repeat NEVER, use poison. And a pox on those who do.
    My grandfather Teal was a beekeeper and I can still taste those cones. Sigh.

  5. This post makes me feel good. I have a lot of plants that the bees seem to love and I see them a lot. Laura

  6. I've been talking to people about disappearing honeybees, and how our lives depend upon them, ever since I first heard about it some years ago. This is just one of the reasons it's really important to pay attention to the farm bill every year because it has a huge impact on critters like bees as well as livestock and crops. And tell your grocer to carry local honey, if you don't shop somewhere it's sold.

    I'm going to tell my beekeeper friend, Peter, about this movie.

  7. Did you see today's (5/13) Groupon deal? It's a beekeeping discovery camp in Round Rock. I think it will be going through the weekend. It's designed for kids 7-12, but it says it will be enjoyable for adults too.


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