Thursday, April 28, 2011


WHY did I decide to paint my kitchen cabinets?  

WHY, I ask you?!  

Look at this nightmare ...


Two kids, two dogs, two cats, four chickens, two hamsters, one man and I willingly decide to paint the entire kitchen.  

This is the kind of thing one should hire someone to do.  

One should leave the house in the morning and come home to a freshly painted kitchen.   

Damn meDamn, damn my impetuous self.
Despite this insanity, I am feeling the color love, big time. I am also loving how that big Ash tree looks outside my kitchen window.  

Big ASH, not big ass.  Although, it is big ass too.  

I digress.

The green and orange...mmmm.  

SO not what Mrs. Luetkenholter would have chosen back in 1951, but, hey, tempus fugit, right?  

You purists are freeeeasking out right now.  

Sorry!  It's just that I am never one to stick with convention  and I to.ta.lly loooove these 60s and 70s colors in the 50s kitchen.  

And, because I always, but always choose to err on the side of overboard...

Orange oilcloth as liners.  

I tried it out in the sliding drawers and find it deeeelicious. 

Course, now I have to pull all the crap back out and put the oilcloth in and put the crap back. 

And look at what a slacker I am - I'm not even bothering to paint the tops of the drawers.  

That's gonna freak Jackdaddy out once he notices it.  (Good thing he's a guy and won't notice it until sometime next year. Heeeeee)
So...anyway...nothing to be done except get finished.  

That or leave the cabinet faces sitting outside on the patio for several months until Jackdaddy gets completely fed up and hires someone to paint them.  (Just between you and me, that's what I'm hoping for.)
PS The color is Valspar's Garden of Paradise.


  1. I love the green. I've painted kitchen cabinets before and yes, it's a pain. In the end it will all be worth it and you won't even remember how miserable you are right now. I also think it plays well with the orange.

  2. Hang in there. It's going to look fabulous and all this will just be a horrible memory.

    Good thing you have some hamster help, though. They're little painting machines.

  3. No one can ever fault you if you paint something green. It is the most magical of all colors.
    Some of my walls are Olive Branch by Benjamin Moore and the colors are very similar.
    Girlygirl, you are the best!!!!

  4. Love it! You're my impetuous home improvement hero! :)

  5. Never would have thought of oilcloth, but I love it! May have to consider that for the Cantina Kitchen re-do.

  6. That's what my husband kept asking when he painted our bathroom cabinets and there weren't nearly as many as in the kitchen. You will be so happy with the end result though.

  7. Your kitchen is a vision of lovliness!!! The green shade you got is fantastic! The oilcloths are so YOU (and me too, as I adore ORANGE)!!! You are so awesome in your whole way of being...I just love reading about your finds, designs, and fun!!!

  8. After reading this post, I am so going to hire someone to paint the bedroom. I've got way to much to do to have another unfinished project!


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