Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Theft and Lust.

I am so freakin' stealing this idea.  SO stealing it.  Like, tomorrow.

Go see the tutorial at her blog, Life at Fire Lake Camp, cuz that's the nice thing to do, you know.  If you're going to blatantly steal something from someone, you should at least pimp her blog a bit.

I am just obsessed with this bed. OB. SES. SED. The colors, the linens, the books, the everything.  Shoot me now...I must have this.  Poor Jackdaddy.


  1. Amazing!!!
    Where will you put it?
    There is a B & B here that has one of these and it is gorgeous.

  2. That hanging bed is the s**t!! You could also do smaller version with a single mattress. There's just something special about your feet not touching the ground, right? A swing, a bike, etc. It's so freeing.

  3. But how do you keep the cats, dogs and chickkens off the bed?

  4. That just screams Wabi-Sabi! Reminds me of the bed my dad built for me when I was a teenager. It didn't hang from the ceiling, but it was built sort of like a sleeping berth on a train, with a spare mattress for overnight guests in the drawer below, and curtains all around, for when I wanted to escape with a good book or something. I loved that bed!

  5. we slept on beds like these at a little yoga-type resort in the yucatan several years ago. they hung them inside the palm frond cabanas. they seemed very basic and comfortable. who doesn't like to swing? can't wait to see your version!!! (another fun thing they do all over mexico is hang hammocks inside their bedrooms--my kids LOVED that!)

  6. I want one, too!! Maybe Jackdaddy and Dondaddy can have a marathon bed-building weekend at the cabin and bring us each home a new awesome bed! :)

  7. Ooohhh! I want one, too! I don't know where I'd hang it, though. I am adding this to my neverending project list for this summer. :-)


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