Monday, April 25, 2011


Chaching!  I did it.  I finally splurged and got a damn Japanese Maple.  There's a house down the street from me that I lovehate.  I love it because it's sooooo perfect and I hate it for the same reason.  Every time they get something new and good, I get a case of the Joneses.  They have one of these placed oh so perfectly right next to the uber-modern bench that was handmade by the male  who lives there. The modern bench is perfect, the Japanese Maple is perfect, the house is perfect. (The male person is pretty damn perfect too. Not that I'm lookin' or anything.) Everything at their house is so understated that you might not even noticed how fabulous it all is unless, of course, you're a nosy and envious yard stalker like me because then you would.  
Anyway, I've been wanting one sooooo badly for sooooo long and now I have it! La, la, la.  I got a little free money in the mail and you know what that means, right?  That means I get to spend it and not give a poop whether I should or not. I had to choose between a lot of  little things or one good expensive thing.  I hate that kind of decision because I really love to come home from the nursery with  a bunch a bunch of $1.49 plants.  Can I just stop here and say, "Where do all those plants go to?!!"  I have like 584,687 little plastic pots, but my yard still does not look very full of plants.  That is both confusing and confounding. 
Um, so, back to the tree.  WHY are tiny trees so expenisve?  This little sucker was $60. SIXTY dollars.  You know how many woolly ball plants I could get for $60?  Sigh.  
Oh well...I'm really happy I got it.  I put it out in the recycled cement round that was going to be a succulent extravaganza except that I needed about 458,698 succulents to fill it up properly and I got sick of doing that.  I also got sick of going out there to find a 90 lbs. dog sitting on them or 5 chikkins gnawing on them.  Now I just need one more for the other cement round that is currently filled with dog poop, some found yard art that needs to be placed and a broken old table that I'm too lazy to drag out to the trash. 
Any splurges on your end that I should know about? Hmmmm?


  1. Contemplating 20,000 bees. For me, that would be a splurge. Would also require a house-move splurge. [Cue the Mind Hampster who turns the Wheel of Contemplation.] Lovelove your blog.

  2. Oooooooooooo! A Japanese Maple!! My favorite. I'm so glad you have one because they won't grow here and now I can see one when I visit! ;) win, win! (or is it WINNING?) xoxoxoxox

  3. I'm a yard stalker. actually, I've graduated to even worse, a yard thief. I steal seeds from plants I like and try to grow them.

    But I love looking at other people's yards.

  4. these are one of my all time favorite trees! i have no where to put one. so i'm green, not as in environ, but jealous! lucky you! i remember waiting years before the bamboo made it to the top of my splurge list--about $50. glad i did it. means all the more that i had to wait. (not to say i wouldn't have loved getting it sooner...) when you have children, though, it's just a kids-first world!

  5. We had a dwarf japanese maple in our back yard, but it died. When I went to the nursery to find a replacement, I just about crapped my pants at how expensive they were. So instead I pilfered some seeds from the Mountain Laurel at the HEB and planted those instead.

    Also, my captcha, and I think it would be a good name for your maple: marge

  6. Oooo Donna, I want bees too! My mind is also a spinning hamster wheel..weeeee.

    Ms. Corrick - You do? Great spinning minds think alike. Come and witness it's beauty. xoxox

    Nancy, oh, no! Not me. I "never" steal seeds from yards. Or succulents. Or pieces of succulents that have fallen on the ground at Home Depot. Uh uh, not me. wink. wink.

    J - Bamboo is still on my list. I was saving for a giant one ($150!), but someone gave me a free, small one so I was free to spend my savings. Girl math.

    Katina - ooo yes, the HEB pillage is good too. I'm loving Marge. Marge it is! I found the damn chickens eating on it today and almost had a S*&%FIT!

  7. I think Japanese Maples are SOOOO pretty. Alas, I doubt they will grow in caliche.

    Did you say "splurge"? Well, yes, as a matter a fact I did. I also got one of those free checks...and I bought a new pair of Birkenstocks, a vintage finial on e-Bay that looks like a sun, and I had my car serviced. I feel! Laura

  8. Well, yes I did splurge as a matter of fact. I got us tickets to see "Ann" at the Paramount next week. ;-) But you mean garden I just got a cedar planting box on CL for $50. BUT, I didn't have to build it, and that made it worth it. It's one foot high, 3 ft wide, 5 ft long. My next splurge will be the yards of garden soil from NG. But that will have to wait...sigh.

  9. Give the new tree a big sloppy kiss for me. I'll be bathing it in sun light and rain and good nutrition.''ms mdddd


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