Friday, April 22, 2011

I like woolly balls.

Oooo lawd!  I'm off to a bawdy start today, aren't I?  But, you know, it's true!  I am always drawn to plants with ball-like flowers and they are often woolly.  I went out to Hill Country Water Gardens last week (and then again 2 days later cuz I left the kid's damn shoes there. Curse you drive to Cedar Park!) to get a new pump for the bucket of algae in my backyard formerly called a pond.  Blech.  What a gross mess it was.  But, what I was saying is that I spotted this really cool plant there and I just had to have it.  HAD to.  This plant attacked my senses just like the fairy duster (another ball-esque plant, I might add) did.  It's my new favorite...

 It's called...oh...dammit...something.  Hang on, let me look it up.  OK, it's a Flambe Yellow Strawflower (chrysocephalum apiculatum).  OMG I just loooooove it.  It's so YELLOW with those pale silver leaves I love so.  I planted it in an old stump. I dunno why, but that old stump's been sitting there and "they" said this plant will survive anywhere pretty much so...old stump it is.

When those Gregg's Mist pop out, that's gonna be a sweet little combo.  Maybe that volunteer sunflower will put on a good show as well.
My old fairy duster is alive, did I already tell you that?

Hellllooooo cute little plant that I love!  I am sooooo happy you came back after all that nasty-ass cold weather last winter.  I love you so much that I got you a sibling...

It's over there in the far left corner with some kittyliciousness sticking out.  By the way, this is what it's like when I try to garden.  Damn chikkins and cats everywhere trying to play with me and peck at my painted toenails and jump in the holes I dig.  And that's not even counting the other cat who climbs on my back when I'm down digging or the drooling dog that thinks my kneeling down is a ticket to the petting prom.

 Cricket with the  gomphrena globosa (strawberry fields is the color).  More woolly balls, my dears.  Cricket has none, by the way.

Woolly butterfly bush (Buddleja marrubiifolia).  
Balls. Woolly.  
Covered with some kind of bugs.  Aphid thingees, I suppose. Woolly ball eater aphids, perhaps.
Last one...

Jerusalem Sage.  This puppy is growing like crazy this year.  I got one woolly ball last year...this year? BAM, tons.  TONS of woolly balls.
I wrote all this in about 42 seconds because that's about all the time I have these days so don't go pointing out any screw-ups, OK?  Be nice to the woolly ball lady.
Funky Chicken (weird spelling, right?) Coop tour here in Austin tomorrow. See y'all there...BOK BOK.


  1. Are you sure your name is not Mary (as in " does your garden grow?")?
    My goodness, how lovely everything is- balls or not.
    Bok Bok, indeed.

  2. Silver leafed plants are one of my faves. I have a comfrey waiting to get planted (it's almost silver leafed). We um, let weeds grow to see if they are pretty so we have a gorgeous thistle in our front yard. It's not wooly or a ball but it is striking.

    Love your gardens.

  3. I have grown that strawflower for two years, ever since Proven Winners sent me a few trial plants. It's growing in part sun in my garden and makes a lovely, tough groundcover. The only thing to watch out for is cold-tenderness. I nearly lost mine in last year's hard freeze. Most of it died, and only a portion is returning. If we have another winter like that one, I expect yours will need extra protection in the stump, pretty as it is.

    Oh, and have you tried goldenball lead tree, since you love "ball" plants so much? It would be perfect for your collection.

    Have fun with the chicken coop tour!

  4. My God, you sure have balls!!! I love them...the woolier, the better!!! are a kinky little girl with all of the colored ones!!! Looking forward to the coop tour! You crack me up, and just want to really should consider stand- up comedy!

  5. Love all of your balls, Missy. We'll, okay, not all of them, but he ones of the flora variety! Wish I could have gone with you on the Chicken Coop tour!!

  6. You remind me of Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls, heehee. (That's Southpark in case it's been too long). Very pretty colors going on; love the yellows, reds, oranges.


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