Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Mother,

Do you read Mother Earth News?  Mmmm, me too.  Well, um, guess what?  The Wabi-Sabi House got a mention in it this week!!!! Can you BELIEVE it?  I know, me either!  And the mention was by none other than Robyn Griggs Lawrence who wrote this book:

I've had this book for several years and have always loved it, so it was such a wonderful surprise when Robyn contacted me and asked if she could link to my blog for her Mother column.  
Can you link to my blog?  Oh, well, I suppose. HAR HAR.  More like, um, YES OH YES PLEASE LINK TO MY BLOG OH YES PLEEEEEASE. 
So, anyway, she did and boy am I thrilled!  Here's the link:

I wish I could tell you that the spa is all finished being stained and landscaped, but I can't.  Plain and simple - haven't done one damn thing to it since the concrete was poured.   In fact, it's mostly just spackled in chikkin poop right now.  It is, however, completely functional and well-used.   This might even prompt us to get our lazy arses in gear and stain it this weekend. Um, or not.  Want to see a picture of me in my outdoor tub? 

Sexy, huh?
All-righty, well, I just wanted to brag a little cuz I sure am thrilled to be associated with Robyn and  the Mother.  Maybe someday we'll get that area finished and start looking fancy instead of like yahoos.  Somehow, I doubt it.


  1. Another wonderful blog. You'll never know how much I enjoy your comments. You must take after your Mother. hhslpt

  2. Congratulations!! I'm so glad to see you blogging more!

  3. Awesome! Sure wish someone wanted to link to ME in their magazine! Know anybody who's written a book about seasonality or hill country hippies?


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