Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Mother,

Do you read Mother Earth News?  Mmmm, me too.  Well, um, guess what?  The Wabi-Sabi House got a mention in it this week!!!! Can you BELIEVE it?  I know, me either!  And the mention was by none other than Robyn Griggs Lawrence who wrote this book:

I've had this book for several years and have always loved it, so it was such a wonderful surprise when Robyn contacted me and asked if she could link to my blog for her Mother column.  
Can you link to my blog?  Oh, well, I suppose. HAR HAR.  More like, um, YES OH YES PLEASE LINK TO MY BLOG OH YES PLEEEEEASE. 
So, anyway, she did and boy am I thrilled!  Here's the link:

I wish I could tell you that the spa is all finished being stained and landscaped, but I can't.  Plain and simple - haven't done one damn thing to it since the concrete was poured.   In fact, it's mostly just spackled in chikkin poop right now.  It is, however, completely functional and well-used.   This might even prompt us to get our lazy arses in gear and stain it this weekend. Um, or not.  Want to see a picture of me in my outdoor tub? 

Sexy, huh?
All-righty, well, I just wanted to brag a little cuz I sure am thrilled to be associated with Robyn and  the Mother.  Maybe someday we'll get that area finished and start looking fancy instead of like yahoos.  Somehow, I doubt it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


WHY did I decide to paint my kitchen cabinets?  

WHY, I ask you?!  

Look at this nightmare ...


Two kids, two dogs, two cats, four chickens, two hamsters, one man and I willingly decide to paint the entire kitchen.  

This is the kind of thing one should hire someone to do.  

One should leave the house in the morning and come home to a freshly painted kitchen.   

Damn meDamn, damn my impetuous self.
Despite this insanity, I am feeling the color love, big time. I am also loving how that big Ash tree looks outside my kitchen window.  

Big ASH, not big ass.  Although, it is big ass too.  

I digress.

The green and orange...mmmm.  

SO not what Mrs. Luetkenholter would have chosen back in 1951, but, hey, tempus fugit, right?  

You purists are freeeeasking out right now.  

Sorry!  It's just that I am never one to stick with convention  and I to.ta.lly loooove these 60s and 70s colors in the 50s kitchen.  

And, because I always, but always choose to err on the side of overboard...

Orange oilcloth as liners.  

I tried it out in the sliding drawers and find it deeeelicious. 

Course, now I have to pull all the crap back out and put the oilcloth in and put the crap back. 

And look at what a slacker I am - I'm not even bothering to paint the tops of the drawers.  

That's gonna freak Jackdaddy out once he notices it.  (Good thing he's a guy and won't notice it until sometime next year. Heeeeee)
So...anyway...nothing to be done except get finished.  

That or leave the cabinet faces sitting outside on the patio for several months until Jackdaddy gets completely fed up and hires someone to paint them.  (Just between you and me, that's what I'm hoping for.)
PS The color is Valspar's Garden of Paradise.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Theft and Lust.

I am so freakin' stealing this idea.  SO stealing it.  Like, tomorrow.

Go see the tutorial at her blog, Life at Fire Lake Camp, cuz that's the nice thing to do, you know.  If you're going to blatantly steal something from someone, you should at least pimp her blog a bit.

I am just obsessed with this bed. OB. SES. SED. The colors, the linens, the books, the everything.  Shoot me now...I must have this.  Poor Jackdaddy.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Chaching!  I did it.  I finally splurged and got a damn Japanese Maple.  There's a house down the street from me that I lovehate.  I love it because it's sooooo perfect and I hate it for the same reason.  Every time they get something new and good, I get a case of the Joneses.  They have one of these placed oh so perfectly right next to the uber-modern bench that was handmade by the male  who lives there. The modern bench is perfect, the Japanese Maple is perfect, the house is perfect. (The male person is pretty damn perfect too. Not that I'm lookin' or anything.) Everything at their house is so understated that you might not even noticed how fabulous it all is unless, of course, you're a nosy and envious yard stalker like me because then you would.  
Anyway, I've been wanting one sooooo badly for sooooo long and now I have it! La, la, la.  I got a little free money in the mail and you know what that means, right?  That means I get to spend it and not give a poop whether I should or not. I had to choose between a lot of  little things or one good expensive thing.  I hate that kind of decision because I really love to come home from the nursery with  a bunch a bunch of $1.49 plants.  Can I just stop here and say, "Where do all those plants go to?!!"  I have like 584,687 little plastic pots, but my yard still does not look very full of plants.  That is both confusing and confounding. 
Um, so, back to the tree.  WHY are tiny trees so expenisve?  This little sucker was $60. SIXTY dollars.  You know how many woolly ball plants I could get for $60?  Sigh.  
Oh well...I'm really happy I got it.  I put it out in the recycled cement round that was going to be a succulent extravaganza except that I needed about 458,698 succulents to fill it up properly and I got sick of doing that.  I also got sick of going out there to find a 90 lbs. dog sitting on them or 5 chikkins gnawing on them.  Now I just need one more for the other cement round that is currently filled with dog poop, some found yard art that needs to be placed and a broken old table that I'm too lazy to drag out to the trash. 
Any splurges on your end that I should know about? Hmmmm?

Friday, April 22, 2011

I like woolly balls.

Oooo lawd!  I'm off to a bawdy start today, aren't I?  But, you know, it's true!  I am always drawn to plants with ball-like flowers and they are often woolly.  I went out to Hill Country Water Gardens last week (and then again 2 days later cuz I left the kid's damn shoes there. Curse you drive to Cedar Park!) to get a new pump for the bucket of algae in my backyard formerly called a pond.  Blech.  What a gross mess it was.  But, what I was saying is that I spotted this really cool plant there and I just had to have it.  HAD to.  This plant attacked my senses just like the fairy duster (another ball-esque plant, I might add) did.  It's my new favorite...

 It's called...oh...dammit...something.  Hang on, let me look it up.  OK, it's a Flambe Yellow Strawflower (chrysocephalum apiculatum).  OMG I just loooooove it.  It's so YELLOW with those pale silver leaves I love so.  I planted it in an old stump. I dunno why, but that old stump's been sitting there and "they" said this plant will survive anywhere pretty much so...old stump it is.

When those Gregg's Mist pop out, that's gonna be a sweet little combo.  Maybe that volunteer sunflower will put on a good show as well.
My old fairy duster is alive, did I already tell you that?

Hellllooooo cute little plant that I love!  I am sooooo happy you came back after all that nasty-ass cold weather last winter.  I love you so much that I got you a sibling...

It's over there in the far left corner with some kittyliciousness sticking out.  By the way, this is what it's like when I try to garden.  Damn chikkins and cats everywhere trying to play with me and peck at my painted toenails and jump in the holes I dig.  And that's not even counting the other cat who climbs on my back when I'm down digging or the drooling dog that thinks my kneeling down is a ticket to the petting prom.

 Cricket with the  gomphrena globosa (strawberry fields is the color).  More woolly balls, my dears.  Cricket has none, by the way.

Woolly butterfly bush (Buddleja marrubiifolia).  
Balls. Woolly.  
Covered with some kind of bugs.  Aphid thingees, I suppose. Woolly ball eater aphids, perhaps.
Last one...

Jerusalem Sage.  This puppy is growing like crazy this year.  I got one woolly ball last year...this year? BAM, tons.  TONS of woolly balls.
I wrote all this in about 42 seconds because that's about all the time I have these days so don't go pointing out any screw-ups, OK?  Be nice to the woolly ball lady.
Funky Chicken (weird spelling, right?) Coop tour here in Austin tomorrow. See y'all there...BOK BOK.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BIG news...

For those of you who don't already know our big news...  I am deeeeelighted to tell you that our little family of 11 (that's counting all animals, of course) is now a family of 14!! That's FOURTEEN.
Yesterday we welcomed a new son into our family!!!  Malachi (isn't that just the most fabulous name?) is 9-years-old and came to us from another city here in Texas.  We were looking for another son to love and he was looking for a family to love so..  here we are!  I am not allowed to show his picture on a public forum YET (good law, just soooo tempting), but, since this is a home and garden blog, I feel compelled to show the sweetest little boys' room you ever did see...

Doesn't that just melt your heart? Oh honey, I tell you my heart is melting left and right and over and under all day!
I suppose I'll be posting less, if that's possible, but two little boys need a LOT of mama-ing.  I'm so grateful I am just the mama for the job! 
I have noticed that one of these sweet things seems to love the garden so my fingers are crossed just a teensy, little bit that I'll have a cohort in crime.(FinnigantheCurious is way over my gardening obsession, poor thing.)
OH!  What about the 14?  Shoot, now, I almost forgot to tell you about Melanie and Velma.  They are 2 adorable little dwarf hamsters that now live with us.  Malachi had always wanted some and who are we to say no to more animals!?  Well, Jackdaddy is one to say no, but he's too big a sweetheart to really say no.  They're sleeping right now (oh, to have a nap myself), but photos soon! Actually, I'm sure you'll be inundated at some point with more pictures of everyone and everything than you could possibly bear, but you know how us new mamas are!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thrift Love. I mean, Found Art Love.

You're gonna think this is a joke.  I know you are, but it is not.  I found this piece of art on the side of the road. On. the. side. of. the. road.,y'all.  WHAT is wrong with folks, I ask you?  FinnigantheCurious actually spotted this amazing piece of fantasmagoric beauty for me.  I was so enamored of it that I almost just almost left him there to guard it while I ran home and got the truck (we were on a dog walk).  I drugpushedshoved everyone home at breakneck speed, hopped in the old truck and raced back over heart racing the whole time lest some other scavenger beat me to it.  The gods were with me though and here it be....

I hope like hell someone doesn't see this and come tearing over here with cries of, "THIEF!"  If they do, I'm gonna lie.  I am.  I'm gonna say I bought it fair and square at a yard sale.  Or something. No, really, it was just out there on the sidewalk leaning up against a telephone pole.  What. the. HELL?  Doesn't it look like a city?  Like a Dali city or something.  It's made of metal rail thingees.  Could I have gotten better colors if I had commissioned it myself?  Girl, I get giddy just looking at it in this picture.  I'm tellin' ya, I am one lucky SOB.  Hooohawwww. 
Um, what else?  Oh, caterpillars.  Every year I get thrilled by them...never fails.  Here's the ubiquitous Caterpillar with Dill still life...

Dig that fancy magnifying glass shot, would ya?  

Aphids on the milkweed.  I thought these were caterpillar eggs, but my friend Hedrich (who is not an elderly German man) suggested they were aphids.  She was right, I was wrong...damn her.  Still looks kinda coolio. I got a little carried away with the magnifying glass thing, but I won't bore you with any more of them.  I do highly suggest getting out there and doing this though...there is a LOT of tiny crap going on out there that you do not know about. 
Speaking of tiny crap.  Finnigan said he found an ant home on our front bench and that he needed to make sure no one sat on it.

So cute and sweeeeeeeet.  Personally, I think it's a pile of ant crap as opposed to an ant home, but who am I to say?  I think aphids are eggs so I'm a big dummy. La la la.