Thursday, March 17, 2011

Faith and Begorra

Top o' the mornin', y'all!
My Irish genes are hummin' and a' tingling (whatever that means!)  
Would you like to learn how to say something in Irish?  All-righty then.
If you want to say "Hello," it's Dia  duit (pronounced dia gwit). This sort of means go with god.
If you want to say "How are you?", it's  Conas  atá tú? (pronounced: conas ataw too). This sort of means how are you.
 That's all I got for ya...
Hope you have a bit o' the luck today. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Succin' it up all wabi-sabi style.

Uh-huh, uh-huh...delicious allowance time, y'all! I'm currently undergoing a succulent obsession right now.  Well, I'm always obsessing about succulents, but I finally got my lazy arse in gear and wabi-sabied up some planters.  Remember when we cut that poor dead tree down last year and I made those clever bird feeder/bath thingees?  You can relive it HERE.  Tired of that. Moving on. Can you say succulent planter perfection?

See the laughing Buddha?  (You know if you double click on pictures you can make them bigger, right? You can.) That was my Daddy's.  Sniff.  He had tons of little Buddhas and saint statues all over his house.  He was covering all his bases, I guess. 
I would show you a better picture with the whole stump in there, but my yard looks like caca.  Winter into spring cacafied.  Not for long though!  Oh no mam!  Spring is just everywhere and I am in a freeeeeeenzy.  More planter love...

I'm glad I splurged on this pot all those years ago.  I still love it so and it was worth every penny.  Moss green, swoon swoon.  Can one ever get enough of moss green?
From that to the free planters ...
I'm really working these weird metal things left over from one of our gazillion crazy construction  projects.  I have no idea what these really are; I think some kind of plumbing stuff?  Maybe?  Hell, I dunno, but we have a bunch of them. OH! Maybe AC thingees?  This one is all rusty and brown...mmmmm....I love rusty and brown.

Those little trailing succulents are the same rusty brown color.  Actually there is a lot of rusty brown going on in that shot.  Hmmm, now I am wondering if there's too much rusty brown happening here.  It's giving me a headache to think about that.  Moving on to silver...

See these weird metal things? They're kind of like curved sheets of metal and they have ridges on either side and you slip one ridge into the other ridge and they stick together.  (I hope they damn stick cuz they're all filled with dirt and my precious baby succulents! I'm not gonna think about that either.  So there.)

Close up! Ta Da!  Once that silver ponyfoot gets crankin', it's gonna be soooo pretty hanging down over the side.  La, la, la.  I love recycling crazy stuff like this.  I do have to admit that this is the kind of thing I LOVE right now, but 4 months down the road I'm gonna look at these and be all like, "What the hell was I thinking? That looks like total poop." And I'll rip it all out.  Where will I put all those succulents then, you ask?  OH. MAH. GAWD. Today I got the MOST crazyass cool thing you've ever seen! Ever.  A like-minded neighbor emailed me and said he had this thing and always meant to do something with it, but didn't and would I like it?  Would. I. Like. It?  Girl, girl, girl,  I was salivating!  No pictures yet cuz it's laying in the back of my truck and you won't be able to see it's extreme fineness.  You'll have to wait until I drag my lazy arse back to the computer.  Oh the suspense. Ooooo, don't you hate me right now? I would if I were you cuz you know how long it takes me post sometimes.  Cackle Cackle.