Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh, the joy of finding little surprises in the garden!  I never, ever fail to be thrilled to find some new little thing that wasn't there before.  I was simply agog at finding this yesterday:

Asparagus!  I've had this tub of asparagus plants for a few years.  Now, I've been told that it takes anywhere from 3 to 7 years for this stuff to fruit so I just kept watering it every now and then, but not much else.  It seemed to be doing fine.... fair to middlin, you know.   Then the cold weather hit and, yowza.  Brown stalks of death.  The whole shebang just turned to sticks.  I went in yesterday, grabbed the whole thing and wacked it off.  But, wait!  What's that?  Damn asparagus...everywhere! This guy was quite tall...most of them were just getting going, but What. The. Hell?  Is that how it happens?  I mean, is that how it usually works?  The green stuff dies and then the food comes up or was it something to do with freezing?  Girl, I am downright giddy over this.  I ran to the pond and got them a big ole slug of pond water asap.  Seriously, I have not watered that thing since...oh, gosh, maybe 2 or 3 months?  It probably got some sprinkler juice here and there, but nothing just for it.  My, oh, my.  Oh, and what to do next? Do I just cut them off and that's the end of it all or will it come back again?  Weeeee!  
You know what else I forgot to water?

My poor little mint. 
But lookie here!  I reached down in there to pulled all the brown gunk out and sure as shoot - delicious "chocolate" mint still hanging in! Mmmm. I had a Pavlov response to the smell and needed sweet iced tea right away.

I was thinking about ripping out the Gregg's Mist and putting something else there (this spot is the bane of my existence.  We'll talk about that some other time.), but I just absolutely, positively cannot do it once I see these babies trying so hard to grow.  I'm such a dork.

I was surprised that the Jersalem Sage showed no winter damage whatsoever.  Nada. I think it actually liked the winter months because it got more sun with most of the shade gone.  I may need to move him so that he can have more...not sure where that might be though.  Shady yard. Shady yard, shady lady.
Last surprise...it's a good one...
Spy something on that work bench that doesn't belong?

Uh-huh.  Silly Jo Ellen Pickering has started laying at last!  And look where her preferred spot is - Jackdaddy's work bench. Silly damn chikkin.  I'm tellin' ya, if you get chikkins, do not bother getting one. damn. fancy thing for them.  Especially if you plan to free-range them.  We have a fancy feeder; they prefer to eat out of a potted plant base.  We got a special thing for water; they drink out of the dogs' bowls. We got cute baskets and put some kind of straw stuff in there; they lay everywhere but.  Shirley gets up about 12 damn feet in the garage and lays on a cold, plastic lid right next to a rotten old wasps nest.  What the hell?

Anyway, they are sooooo pretty.  I wish I could capture the color for you.  It's like a pale olive green.  It's pretty much the prettiest color on the planet.  If I ever get a job naming paints for a living (oh, I'd LOVE that job), I'm gonna name the pale green:  Jo Ellen.  I probably wouldn't keep the job long, now would I? Maybe...oh...Fairy Moss. Ooo, that's a good one. 
PS Those tomatoes?  I do try hard to only buy what's in season (with some exception for the small boy), but I saw these at Central Market - organic, greenhouse grown maters.  I splurged cuz I miss the tomatoes.   These are very, very, very tasty.
PPS Oh, you know what else I found yesterday?  Goldfish! They're still alive. That's kinda freaky to me...not sure why.


  1. Whew! What a post! It is so exciting to find the plants (and my gosh, that crazy asperagus) coming up again! WOW! I would have loved to hadve discovered that! I have NEVER grown asperagus, so can't tell you how to proceed...sure hope you have many more come up!!!

    Love the chickens...they sure are independant little girls, aren't they??? What a cool thing to just find eggs just laying all about! I have always wanted some, but we are in the city and they are not allowed. Baaa.

  2. Lucky you and I'm SO jealous! Can you come up with a name for a "green-with-envy gardener"??? ;-)

    Your asparagus is up, and mine hasn't poked its head above the ground yet.

    (I'm not an asparagus expert, but read you need to wait about three years to let them establish themselves before you eat them.)

    None of my stuff has come back from the freeze except the weeds...but I've not given up hope.

    Your Jerusalem sage also didn't get hit--Wow. I lost three for sure. Oh...you are so lucky!

    And those beautiful delicious eggs. Yum! Laura Munoz

  3. Caroline and Bill Priest used to grow asparagus (asparagi?) and she said it takes a few years for them to really get edible. I always thought how exotic it was to grow them. My gardening runs to tomaotes and Kentucky Wonder beans which almost anyone can grow.
    So it goes.
    Wonderful news about what all survived the freeze especially the fish.

  4. Julie, I was just as amazed to find actual asparagus!! you can come play with my chikkins anytime. hee hee

    Laura - That is the PERFECT name for green...ENVY. LOVE IT! I'm just shocked my JSage didn't die.I mean, it looks perfect. weird.

    Danielle - I'll remember that!

    MMQC - oooo the Priests' garden...pure Eden!I was stunned to see the fishies!! I felt so happy for them. xoxoxo

  5. Iam egg-green with envy. Those eggs look huge! I'm so excited to see what else springs up for you and for me. I have to pert'nearly start all I over, I think, unless I get some surprises. Kiss those chikkkens on their lips. They must be so much fun to watch. I could sit out all day just looking at them.
    ms mddd

  6. My hardy winter greens mostly made it through! Kale is rebounding and getting nice and fluffy; Swiss chard wilted but I snipped it at the base and I have new leaves shooting up already; and the brocoli florettes died but I think they are growing some more. I thought they were all goners. Most things are coming back, except I'm worried about my tall purple ruellia; they're just little black sticks now. Sad.

  7. Oh MY Goodness...I hope you dont kick this comment, nor that I offend....but OMG....When I read your blog it was like I had stepped into your home and someone had overtaken my brain and splattered the thoughts all over this blog.. I kept thinking to myself...OMGoodness....God made a southern white girl version of me! I have never in my entire life met a white girl version of me. You talk and think just like I do! LOVE IT!!! I WILL be subscribing to your blog....IF I can figure out how to do so... Oh and you shoud DEFINITELY add a "about me" section...

  8. Ms. Mudd...I just know you would love having chikkins. When you-know-who you-know-whats you come live over here and we'll eat green eggs all day long. And drink beer. hahahah

    Kat...oh, I'm HOPING my ruellia isnt dead. "They" say it comes right back. Let's cross fingers!

    Ms. Alma - ARE YOU KIDDING? Are you a brown me? I LOVE THAT! I'm from Beamont, Texas which is right on the Louisiana border and we ALL have a little "coffee in our cream" down that way. SO glad to meet you and I'm SO glad you're around. We kindred spirits gotta stick together, you know. Where are you from? PS I love your name.

  9. I just read recently that your asparagus needs two full summers in the ground before you pick any, and then you only pick for two weeks and stop. The next spring you can pick for four weeks, the one after that 6. When you are done picking each year (or not picking this year) you just let them go all ferny. In the winter, if a freeze has made them look dead, I think you can trim them back, and new stuff will come up in spring. By the way, do you ever read Mother Earth News magazine? The newest issue has a great article all about Wabi Sabi!

  10. Yep I am as brown as can be! And I am just down the road in San Antonio...I told my sister about your blog and she is very excited to read it as well....

  11. Becky, WONDERFUL! Thank you for that information. So I just don't do anything? You cannot BELIEVE how fast they're growing. I still read your blog faithfully, I've just gotten lazy about posting. sigh.

    Alma - Well, here we are then...soul sisters via blogging. Tell your sister, "Hi dee doo and welcome." Does she have a sweet name too?

  12. PS Becky, I do read it but had not bought it yet and then my neighbor just brought it down to me. How fine is that?


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