Thursday, February 10, 2011


 It's all mush around here. What's not mush is brown and miserable.  I tried really hard to cover stuff, but then it snowed and that totally $&#@ed me up.  I never believe them when they say it's going to snow.  Seems this time they were right.  All my covers turned into ice blocks of hell. 

 Mush #1.  One of my adorable succulent displays.  The silver ponyfoot hung in there!  I looooove ponyfoot.

 Mush #2.  Pondlette mush.  I can't even think what those poor goldfish went through.  (I am implementing The Ostrich Fling that I learned from my mama.  If something is really painful, just stick you head in a hole and pretend it never happened. I can't say that I actually recommend this option, but sometimes it's all you can do.)

 I completely forgot about this thing. I have no idea what it is, but it's really, really %&$*d. Sigh.  
Well, one thing that's been nice and warm around here is our house.   So much bread baking has made us all toasty. HAHAH get it? Toasty? Bread? My brain is on autopilot for puns, always. Where was I? 
OH,  ever since I got Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, I just can't stop!

 I decided to make even more dough at a time.  Um, it worked.  Look at sweet FinnigantheCurious "helping" take care of the dough.  You simply canNOT screw up this stuff. You must believe me.
And for a semi-non sequitur...pansies.

I used to loathe pansies.  Now I don't and wonder why I ever did.  I keep testing different flowers to see what will survive the ladies.  Word of Warning: Chikkins LOVE pansies.  This one lasted about 32 seconds.  Good thing it was $0.50 at Lowes.   Damn chikkins. Naw, I'm just kidding.  My weird chikkins are laying up a STORM in this weather.  Go figure..our whole family is weird.  
And so it goes...


  1. Something I'm thinking about trying "next time" to prevent the mush, is cardboard boxes (run to Minimax!) covered by trash bags or oilcloth.

  2. LOVE the artisan bread. I have the perfect thing for it; my mom's super special spiced blend for olive oil. Perfect for dipping yummy bread and munching. Check her new Etsy store here:

    And let's not even talk about my backyard and storm(s). Arbor is busted on the ground, patio umbrella is ripped and torn, things are black and limp, etc. Oh, for spring.....

  3. From the river house I brought over 11 clay pots. 10 of them have brown sticks which are, in reality, Altheas and will be fine. The 11th has a brown alverado (avocado) in it. I don't think it will be fine but one can only hope.
    I am ready for hot bread, butter, honey and tea when I arrive next week.
    I am also ready for Spring but not Summer.

  4. Oh, so much mush to be found around these parts's been a sad state of events (except for the brief snowfall). Glad to hear your chickens are happy though!

  5. I must try the Artisan bread...
    Thanks for sharing with us! post...your daughter is that photo!
    HAPPY weekending!

  6. whoops my post disappeared but what I said was my succulents mushed out too. I killed them! I just know I did. But - all this does is spur me own for the next spring crops of amazement. I'll just hitch up and begin again.
    ms mdd

  7. LOVE the artisan bread...
    Thanks for sharing with us!


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