Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm spruced.

 The beautiful new shelves are full. Crammed. Jammed. Overflowing.   We need more. Sigh. Even so, I do LOVE them and this room is a gazillion times better than it was.  I still have plans to gussy it up a bit more.  I'm thinking a low, modern loveseat in front of that big window.  I dunno, I love that big cozy chair.  I spent about 687,988,586 hours nursing my son in that chair and I have such a soft spot for it.  But it would be so nice to have seating for 3 or 4 in there.  If you sit in that chair and look left, you're looking into the kitchen.  I really dig the idea of having company sitting in there while I'm cooking.  Hell, I really dig the idea of ME sitting in there while someone else is cooking now that I think about it.  I need a place to put drinks and books too. Maybe one of those dreamy slatted mid-century coffee tables?   You know how I am about color, right? Love my color!  Well, right now there is a weird, white/silver/gray thing happening over there that is kinda freaking me out.  You can't see it too much in this picture, but the pie table is all white and the garbage/recycling cans are silver and white and the laundry closet is all white...EEEEEK.  I definitely plan to wabi-sabi that lamp on up.  I feel some yellow spray paint calling me and perhaps a new drum shade? Lamps, lamps, lamps.  The love and bane of my existence.  I love vintage lamps.  I've got little piles of them all over the house.  I say piles because none of them works just right.  Either the lamp is good, but I can't find a shade that's right or there is a good shade, but the lamp is wonky.  I'm pretty sure Jack is going to divorce me if I ask him to rewire one more lamp.  And, no, I have no desire to learn to do it myself cuz I know that's what you're thinking.  Why be married to uber-handy guy if I have to rewire my own damn lamps?!  He gets to stand in the middle of room and ask where his keys are (uh, in the key bowl), and I get to act like I can't rewire lamps. We're perfect! So, anyway, I have decided No More Vintage Lamps unless they are perfect and need nada. This means that they will cost well over $50 and I try to keep my vintage spending under that.  (Sometimes you get lucky though...remember the orange lamp on the side of the road?)  Well, with that law in mind, I was jonesing hard for some new lamps for the bedroom.  We've had crappy lamps in there forever and I just finally had a fit about it.  Seriously, the bedroom is where you should have some really good lamps and ours were just poop.  Calling TARGET! (Oh, how I LOVE Target.)  They have some really, really good lamps and shades in right now so, off we go!

 My side. (Cue soaring music and chorusing angels.)

Jackdaddy's side.
I love, love, love them.  I dug around and found some dimmer switches to plug them in to for extra fabulousness. (You must invest in dimmer switches if you haven't yet.  You don't know what you're missing if you don't know about these.)   Girl, I feel to.ta.lly gussied up.  Now, only 5 or 6 more years until FinnigantheCurious is old enough to entertain himself and I can actually sit in bed and read again. Ahhhhhh.
See ya at Target!


  1. Ah, Target. The bane and joy of my existence. The bookshelves/desk look awesome! I'm on a kick over here, too - it feels good to get things organized. :)

  2. Am I going to Target for you, dearie? you know I will!

  3. For organizing inspiration, check out www.orgjunkie.com. Great blog! Love the room MamaH, but where's your dining room?

  4. Love the bookshelf. And I, too, love lamps...'cept I like mine a bit older.

    You are probably...maybe...the only person who would understand my lamp obsession...They are all OLD. One shade is actually a swirled stained glass, then there are several metal ones from the 1940's, '30's & '20's, and one I just bought on e-Bay for my renovated kitchen that is art deco 1920's with five arms, and a few that are 1900's (some came with the house), plus several really coool green pottery table lamps and, well I could go on...Oh, and my homemade full-size leg lamp.--Ultra cool! I'm sorry! Forgive me! It's an obsession. Laura

  5. your new room looks like the perfect place for a long dining table.

  6. i have that same issue with a lot of my "vintage" finds--they look great (at least if you turn them just the right way), but are all flawed in some way. the deal with lights is you need them to produce light, so you can read all those great books! good score at tarshay!

  7. My dining room table is in our big living room. Our small house is mostly made up of a living room...which is great for us. I have thought a big about putting it in here now...hmmmm. Maybe I'll think more! The pie table kind of messes up that vibe and I need the pie table for storage and Jack's industrial espresso maker.

    Laura -oooo yes! I KNOW that lamp obsession! I'd love to see your old ones! AND that house. swoon.

    LD- it's all about the wabi-sabi, right? Hey, did you see that post on The Brick House about some rad pad out your way?

  8. yay, lamps. I actually just got this same one a couple months back for Chris's office. Good find and it was on sale, yippee. All is looking good over at WabiSabi. Kisses, D.


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