Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold Chicken

I guess you've already snowed in Austin, TX.  Rare. Which is good for me because I do not like cold weather.  I think there must be too many millions of years of Irish genes in me.  The culmination of centuries of poverty stricken folks freezing their asses off maybe.  I like it really.
Apparently so does Shirley.  I'm not sure if she's an Irish chicken or not.  (Perhaps I should change her name to Fiona?)  Anyway, after playing in the snow for hours (long, long minutes) and pretending that I liked it (I am a good mama, you know), I left the boys at the park and sneaked (snuck?)  back home.  Someone left the back door open and Shirley knew a good thing when she saw it.  I let her poke around for a bit before shooing her back out.  I would have let her stay in, but I knew she'd be pooping up a storm before long. I bet she's still talking about it to the other girls.


  1. Oh, how cool to have a chicken in your house!!! Love your stove, BTW!!!

  2. Shirley complements the wood tones in the floor! Are you sure you don't need a house chicken?

    And yeah, that stove is a beauty.

  3. Uh, a chickken in the house?
    That reminds me of my grandmother Teal who had loose roaming chickkens all over her yard and porch but not, I think, in the house. However..........

  4. Shirley is a beauty! What fun to have a chicken in the house!

    My friend Deirdra, who is Irish and lived there until after college, doesn't really care for the super heat of Texas and tolerates the cold pretty well. In fact a lot of the Irish I know don't mind the cold. Maybe it has more to do with where you were raised?

  5. My mother told me she had a one legged pet chicken that she smuggled into her house. This was in Russia long long ago.
    ms mdd

  6. Oh...that's too find your chuck in the kitchen.
    We have snow up here for 5 months of the year...yeah, I'm pretty done! On our 3rd month without seeing grass!!!
    Lovely blog.

  7. LOVE this photo and golly gee I so LOVE your stove! Gimmeee:>

  8. I love seeing chickens in unexpected places. Which is pretty much anywhere, really, come to think of it. Did you ever see that little rooster that lived by the boathouse on Town Lake? When I lived over there on Funston Street there was a black hen who roamed the block and belonged to no one. I wonder where she stashed her eggs...


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