Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh, the joy of finding little surprises in the garden!  I never, ever fail to be thrilled to find some new little thing that wasn't there before.  I was simply agog at finding this yesterday:

Asparagus!  I've had this tub of asparagus plants for a few years.  Now, I've been told that it takes anywhere from 3 to 7 years for this stuff to fruit so I just kept watering it every now and then, but not much else.  It seemed to be doing fine.... fair to middlin, you know.   Then the cold weather hit and, yowza.  Brown stalks of death.  The whole shebang just turned to sticks.  I went in yesterday, grabbed the whole thing and wacked it off.  But, wait!  What's that?  Damn asparagus...everywhere! This guy was quite tall...most of them were just getting going, but What. The. Hell?  Is that how it happens?  I mean, is that how it usually works?  The green stuff dies and then the food comes up or was it something to do with freezing?  Girl, I am downright giddy over this.  I ran to the pond and got them a big ole slug of pond water asap.  Seriously, I have not watered that thing since...oh, gosh, maybe 2 or 3 months?  It probably got some sprinkler juice here and there, but nothing just for it.  My, oh, my.  Oh, and what to do next? Do I just cut them off and that's the end of it all or will it come back again?  Weeeee!  
You know what else I forgot to water?

My poor little mint. 
But lookie here!  I reached down in there to pulled all the brown gunk out and sure as shoot - delicious "chocolate" mint still hanging in! Mmmm. I had a Pavlov response to the smell and needed sweet iced tea right away.

I was thinking about ripping out the Gregg's Mist and putting something else there (this spot is the bane of my existence.  We'll talk about that some other time.), but I just absolutely, positively cannot do it once I see these babies trying so hard to grow.  I'm such a dork.

I was surprised that the Jersalem Sage showed no winter damage whatsoever.  Nada. I think it actually liked the winter months because it got more sun with most of the shade gone.  I may need to move him so that he can have more...not sure where that might be though.  Shady yard. Shady yard, shady lady.
Last surprise...it's a good one...
Spy something on that work bench that doesn't belong?

Uh-huh.  Silly Jo Ellen Pickering has started laying at last!  And look where her preferred spot is - Jackdaddy's work bench. Silly damn chikkin.  I'm tellin' ya, if you get chikkins, do not bother getting one. damn. fancy thing for them.  Especially if you plan to free-range them.  We have a fancy feeder; they prefer to eat out of a potted plant base.  We got a special thing for water; they drink out of the dogs' bowls. We got cute baskets and put some kind of straw stuff in there; they lay everywhere but.  Shirley gets up about 12 damn feet in the garage and lays on a cold, plastic lid right next to a rotten old wasps nest.  What the hell?

Anyway, they are sooooo pretty.  I wish I could capture the color for you.  It's like a pale olive green.  It's pretty much the prettiest color on the planet.  If I ever get a job naming paints for a living (oh, I'd LOVE that job), I'm gonna name the pale green:  Jo Ellen.  I probably wouldn't keep the job long, now would I? Maybe...oh...Fairy Moss. Ooo, that's a good one. 
PS Those tomatoes?  I do try hard to only buy what's in season (with some exception for the small boy), but I saw these at Central Market - organic, greenhouse grown maters.  I splurged cuz I miss the tomatoes.   These are very, very, very tasty.
PPS Oh, you know what else I found yesterday?  Goldfish! They're still alive. That's kinda freaky to me...not sure why.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm spruced.

 The beautiful new shelves are full. Crammed. Jammed. Overflowing.   We need more. Sigh. Even so, I do LOVE them and this room is a gazillion times better than it was.  I still have plans to gussy it up a bit more.  I'm thinking a low, modern loveseat in front of that big window.  I dunno, I love that big cozy chair.  I spent about 687,988,586 hours nursing my son in that chair and I have such a soft spot for it.  But it would be so nice to have seating for 3 or 4 in there.  If you sit in that chair and look left, you're looking into the kitchen.  I really dig the idea of having company sitting in there while I'm cooking.  Hell, I really dig the idea of ME sitting in there while someone else is cooking now that I think about it.  I need a place to put drinks and books too. Maybe one of those dreamy slatted mid-century coffee tables?   You know how I am about color, right? Love my color!  Well, right now there is a weird, white/silver/gray thing happening over there that is kinda freaking me out.  You can't see it too much in this picture, but the pie table is all white and the garbage/recycling cans are silver and white and the laundry closet is all white...EEEEEK.  I definitely plan to wabi-sabi that lamp on up.  I feel some yellow spray paint calling me and perhaps a new drum shade? Lamps, lamps, lamps.  The love and bane of my existence.  I love vintage lamps.  I've got little piles of them all over the house.  I say piles because none of them works just right.  Either the lamp is good, but I can't find a shade that's right or there is a good shade, but the lamp is wonky.  I'm pretty sure Jack is going to divorce me if I ask him to rewire one more lamp.  And, no, I have no desire to learn to do it myself cuz I know that's what you're thinking.  Why be married to uber-handy guy if I have to rewire my own damn lamps?!  He gets to stand in the middle of room and ask where his keys are (uh, in the key bowl), and I get to act like I can't rewire lamps. We're perfect! So, anyway, I have decided No More Vintage Lamps unless they are perfect and need nada. This means that they will cost well over $50 and I try to keep my vintage spending under that.  (Sometimes you get lucky though...remember the orange lamp on the side of the road?)  Well, with that law in mind, I was jonesing hard for some new lamps for the bedroom.  We've had crappy lamps in there forever and I just finally had a fit about it.  Seriously, the bedroom is where you should have some really good lamps and ours were just poop.  Calling TARGET! (Oh, how I LOVE Target.)  They have some really, really good lamps and shades in right now so, off we go!

 My side. (Cue soaring music and chorusing angels.)

Jackdaddy's side.
I love, love, love them.  I dug around and found some dimmer switches to plug them in to for extra fabulousness. (You must invest in dimmer switches if you haven't yet.  You don't know what you're missing if you don't know about these.)   Girl, I feel to.ta.lly gussied up.  Now, only 5 or 6 more years until FinnigantheCurious is old enough to entertain himself and I can actually sit in bed and read again. Ahhhhhh.
See ya at Target!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 It's all mush around here. What's not mush is brown and miserable.  I tried really hard to cover stuff, but then it snowed and that totally $&#@ed me up.  I never believe them when they say it's going to snow.  Seems this time they were right.  All my covers turned into ice blocks of hell. 

 Mush #1.  One of my adorable succulent displays.  The silver ponyfoot hung in there!  I looooove ponyfoot.

 Mush #2.  Pondlette mush.  I can't even think what those poor goldfish went through.  (I am implementing The Ostrich Fling that I learned from my mama.  If something is really painful, just stick you head in a hole and pretend it never happened. I can't say that I actually recommend this option, but sometimes it's all you can do.)

 I completely forgot about this thing. I have no idea what it is, but it's really, really %&$*d. Sigh.  
Well, one thing that's been nice and warm around here is our house.   So much bread baking has made us all toasty. HAHAH get it? Toasty? Bread? My brain is on autopilot for puns, always. Where was I? 
OH,  ever since I got Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, I just can't stop!

 I decided to make even more dough at a time.  Um, it worked.  Look at sweet FinnigantheCurious "helping" take care of the dough.  You simply canNOT screw up this stuff. You must believe me.
And for a semi-non sequitur...pansies.

I used to loathe pansies.  Now I don't and wonder why I ever did.  I keep testing different flowers to see what will survive the ladies.  Word of Warning: Chikkins LOVE pansies.  This one lasted about 32 seconds.  Good thing it was $0.50 at Lowes.   Damn chikkins. Naw, I'm just kidding.  My weird chikkins are laying up a STORM in this weather.  Go figure..our whole family is weird.  
And so it goes...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold Chicken

I guess you've already heard...it snowed in Austin, TX.  Rare. Which is good for me because I do not like cold weather.  I think there must be too many millions of years of Irish genes in me.  The culmination of centuries of poverty stricken folks freezing their asses off maybe.  I like it warm...hot really.
Apparently so does Shirley.  I'm not sure if she's an Irish chicken or not.  (Perhaps I should change her name to Fiona?)  Anyway, after playing in the snow for hours (long, long minutes) and pretending that I liked it (I am a good mama, you know), I left the boys at the park and sneaked (snuck?)  back home.  Someone left the back door open and Shirley knew a good thing when she saw it.  I let her poke around for a bit before shooing her back out.  I would have let her stay in, but I knew she'd be pooping up a storm before long. I bet she's still talking about it to the other girls.