Monday, January 10, 2011

Thrift Love and Oilcloth

 I was supposed to have a fancy, new blog for you according to my extensive list of resolutions, but, um, I don't.  I'm just lazy and kind of busy.  (Mostly just lazy.)  So, here we are - new year, old blog. Oh, well.  So it goes, right?  I am going to do it though.  Probably. I want to, if that counts for anything.   But, for now, I've been busy thrifting and playing and I just have not had time to get on that particular resolution (the others are going well, by the way).
The first thing I want to show you is the UH.DOR.ABLE table I found that now lives in FinnigantheCurious' room.  I bought it for a client, but it was too small. (Oh darn.)  It's sooooo precious and it was already painted that charming blue color. Can you believe it?!  I would show it to you in the boy's room, but you know what little boys' rooms look like, don't you? Uh-huh.  Maybe I'll talk him into letting me straighten it up and then I can show you how cute it is.

That BLUE! Oh, lucky me.
My dear friend, Stacy, gifted me some cuteashell wooden spools.  I've seen those bigass ones and thought they could be cool somethings, but, oh, these tiny ones! weeeee. I was going to turn this one into a hose reel per some DIY book that she gave me, but that project seemed like work. Blech. I like fun projects, not work projects. (This is why my kitchen cabinets are still leaning against the garage wall, still painted white, not olive green.  Sigh.) Um, where was I? Oh, spool.  Well, here's the little cutie spooly...

Kinda cute just as it is, huh? However, I just discovered that Zinger's Hardware sells oilcloth for $1.99 per foot. That is crazy-ass cheap, y'all.  Another (unnamed) trendy Austin store sells it for $10.99 a yard (boo).  And, ooo, they have it on these big roller things on the wall and you get to choose your pattern then they roooooollll it out and cut it. Kinda fun if you're in to that kind of thing.

LOOK at that cuteness.  Really, isn't that just so fun?  Now, what the hell did I do with all those little kid chairs I had?  I think I gave them away.  Dang.  Oh well, more thrifting needed. Poor me.  These (I have 2, no idea why I didn't take a picture of the other one; it's blue.) make the best little tables.  Finn and his buddies immediately pulled them up to the trampoline and that's where they deposit the various contents of their pockets, uneaten snack residue, swords, shoes, clothes, etc..
And, for a total non sequitur...

I want this. Oh, lordy, I really, really want this.  Spotted over in Bouldin Creek.  I was thinking of waiting until spring, but then I realized I could probably make one and put some of that swanky winter grass in it.  I may, in fact, go overboard with this particular trend. I've seen it before and I'm not sure why it didn't appeal to me before. Perhaps the multi-gazillion dollar PERFECT house that these live at had something to do with it.  Who knows? Anyway, I'm gonna do it. So there.


  1. cute, cute, cute! I love the circular patches of grass - mmmmm grass. I want to live in a place where things grow again! Well, besides cacti and other pokey things.

  2. I missed seeing you but it's worth the wait. I love the little spool. I've only ever seen the big ones and the oil cloth treatment is the perfect topper. Love the blue table too. Round grass is purty but keeping it up might be a tad tiresome.
    ms md

  3. "Client?" You have clients? What are you up lady?? You've also inpspired me to cover a wooden bistro table with oil cloth...I'll send a before/after. Oh spring projects...I can't wait!xoxoxo

  4. When I was a little girl there was a store that had a roll of wrapping paper suspended up over the counter. When you bought something they unrolled the paper, wrapped your purchase and then (DRUM ROLL) tied it with string!!! Please keep that oilcloth store in business so others can enjoy that tingle you get seeing it unroll.
    Maybe your clients will want you to do landscaping, too???

  5. I loooooove the table, and I too was wondering what you do since you mentioned you bought the table for a client.

    I like your website as it is. I hope your new one doesn't change it too much. Hmmmm. Next thing you know I'll be pulling up your new blog titled, "The Pajama Motorcycle Mama" Er, something like that.

    Okay, do you think oil cloth would work for an outdoor shower curtain? I need an outdoor shower curtain so as not to shock the neighbors in the spring.

    Finally, I wish I could go thrifting with you... Laura Munoz

  6. wondered what you had been up to. love the oil cloth. maybe wrap the rest of that spool with some type of chunky rope or something to finish it up. i'm full of good ideas, huh!! i do like that grass. but maybe mix it up a bit, keep the shape, but it's a kind of boring...hit it with some wabi sabi.

  7. Miss BB (that's your new moniker): You WILL, you will, you will.

    Ms. Mud: I am hoping to just have it weed eater size. Hoping.

    Kat: I do affordable home and yard decorating! Thought you knew. I don't work much due to home-schooling...just kinda word of mouth stuff.

    MerryMerry: Oh, I love the roll thing and I WISH they tied it up. Miss Dishman always ties her pretty stuff up with old-fashioned ties. mmmm

    Laura - OH. MAH. Gosh, YES! That is a fabulous idea and I am going to steal it! Oilcloth is sooo awesome because you can just cut or poke it anywhere you want and it won't run or tear. Perfect for a shower curtain. oh, my blog will be the same, I just want to move to WordPress as Blogger suuuuuucks technically and I need all the technical ease I can get! Thank you though!

    Hey Laguna Lady! I know...I'm a slacker. sigh. Well, you KNOW I'm gonna wabisabi it! Maybe a bottle tree in the middle? Although I was thinking it might be nice for the kids to have just a circle of grass. Maybe I'll make a little hill? Pirate Hill!

  8. Thanks for the tip about the oilcloth at Zinger's. I've bought some at the expensive trendy store, but the Zinger's price is a steal!


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