Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Want A Boy...

That just about sums it up, right?

(I found this over at  I am officially obsessed with this site.)

I'm telling ya, you can keep your jewels and your fancy cars and your second homes, I want a man who can build stuff.  Course, Jackdaddy can do all kinds of things, but building is the thing I like best (well, you know). 

(If the zombie apocalypse hits, The Wabi-Sabi House is the place to be because Jackdaddy can do everything...every damn thing, y'all.  Except dance. If we decide to dance to the apocalypse, I'll be leading that activity.)

Um, so, bookshelves.  Right. We had bookshelves.  Lots of them. 

Then we got a piano. Piano in, bookshelves...reconfigured into bookshelf hell. HELL, I tell you.  

Some were split up and put here and there, others were loaned out and the books went, oh, everyfreapkinuuutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (kill the kitty) everyfreakinwhere; in boxes, on the floor, on the dressers, on the table, oh awfulness everywhere.


I have been living with various states of this book disarray for longer than I care to admit.  

Oh, we got bids on built-ins (oh, glorious built-ins...someday), and we looked at this and that.  

Then I ran across a post on The Brick House . Well, that link is not to the post, but you will LOVE that website and spend hours and hours there and you can find the bookshelves yourself. Oh, crap, all-right, here's the real link:  
Anyway, I loved them!  I let my man look at them and he loved them too so he built some.  Just like that, he builds them. Sigh. That is just soooo dreamy, right? Look at this...

So clean. So modern. So industrial.  So cheap!

 Geek shot #1

Geek shot #2
Wanna see them again?

Ta Da!  
We decide to go with the original silver finish (read - no  spray painting) and we stained the shelves to match the floor.  We hemmed and hawed about all this, but I really like the result and am glad we went the way we did.  

That big counter top is from IKEA.  $30 bucks, y'all.  

The file cabinets are from one of my secret thrifting spots.  I painted them white.  I strongly suggest you never do this as it was hell.  Spray painting filing cabinets is hell, hell, HELL.
The only "problem" we see so far is that we need more.  More room for books, always more room for books.  I can't help it, I love them.  I cannot live without them...lots of them...everywhere.  

I grew up in the most rad, 60's house and we had floor-to-ceiling books.  I mean, reallyreally floor-to-ceiling, and it was an A-frame! 
I love to walk into a home and see books all over the place. 
Oh, how I love that.  
Do you know that quote from John Waters about making books cool again?  
I'd like to just post it, but y'all might get miffed since it's rather, um, salty. 
Here you go:  John Waters Book Quote. (There are so many, but you know the one of which I speak.)
Now I'm in the middle of the glorious and laborious task of arranging the books on the shelves. 
I really love/hate this process.  
I've started stacking them up all over the house by genre.  That's what I usually do.  
I'm just gonna let it roll like it rolls...they somehow have a way of arranging themselves.  
Really, they kinda do. 

This shindig is going to serve as our whole desk/media/book area.  
Hopefully, this will open up this room (we're ditching the big IKEA desk set-up) so that we can put in a small seating/lounging area off the side of the kitchen.  
I'm too lazy right now to find pictures of the set-up, but I'll do it next time. 
I lovelovelove a cozy seating area right in the kitchen. Mmmmm. As much as I like to talk, I really need friends to sit close while I cook.  
Cooking and talking...BINGO!
I wonder if my new Kindle will help curb the book collecting issue...somehow I doubt it.
I'll give you an update as soon as I trick it all out.


  1. I love this post SO much! I need a boy to build me bookshelves!!!

  2. Looks exactly like something Morgan would come up with. He is also a man who can do anything. I don't have quite the obsession with book hoarding that I used to. I'm no longer buying books I could easily find at the library unless they're really special (early editions, particularly nice bindings, etc.). We have 6 full bookcases and I figure that's plenty for an 1100 square foot house!

  3. Ha! NOW I know why you got a Kindle for Christmas! ;) JackDaddy is so freaking handy! The bookshelves look awesome. I can't wait to see how awesome they look all filled up!

  4. how funny! my husband just built me some shelves, both in our furnace room (for linens!!) and in my son's room (for his junk). nothing could have made my heart soar more! it's a unique sickness. love your post. industrial is sick!!! now i need to find another empty wall!!!

  5. Love 'em! I will have to remember that site. Thanks for the post!

  6. I LOVE to see other people living with books and bookshelves. My only fear is living with books on pier and beam. I have become obsessed with the thought of a hole through my floor or joists breaking under the weight of shelves. We had our foundation fixed a few years back and since then I've developed this complex. Therapy or just stick to paperback:>

  7. My Mr. H can't dance either and he is still the handiest man! I love the bookshelves so much. The fittings that hold them up just makes me swoon. SWOOOON !!

  8. All I can say is WOW!!!
    Well,that's not all I can say. I can add this is so totally marvelous it makes me feel like dancing. My man can't/won't dance either but I'll take the "fixing things" tradeoff any day.

  9. Love those shelves! I recently did a post about my writing space and my shelves, but damn, I want yours. Now.

  10. Beautiful, awesome shelves! Your husband is a dream!!! Congrats on them...nd good luck getting all the books up there and organized!!! :)


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