Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Green Gate Farms

 FinnigantheCurious and I go out to Green Gate Farms every other Friday to pick up our milk and cheese order.   I just love this place. You wanna see how real people make a living farming?  Head on out there and meet Erin and Skip and the gang.  Not so romantic in real life.  Well, it is romantic, but it's hard-ass work (so is romance, now that I think about it.)  I've talked about Green Gate before, but I don't have anything else to talk about today so I'll talk about them again.  Actually, I'll just show you some pictures.  That's really where it's "at" with Green Gate - the visuals.

It's a fine place to slow down and mosey. Someday I'm gonna come out here without the boy and find a place to hunker down and take a nap. 

Boo on the left and Buddy on the right.  I want a Newfoundland dog sooooo badly.  Buddy will give you some old-fashioned Newfie love...I mean, just about all the doglove  you can take is what he'll give you.  But ... Boo gives more if you can believe it AND Boo smiles.  Big as day, he does.  Just walk up and start baby-talking him and he'll grin from ear to ear.  Melts my heart every time.  (My dog Luna smiles too.)

Cool crap everywhere.

Glad it was cold on Friday as I got sidetracked by the animals and left my damn stuff sitting out like a dumb-dumb. The barn was built in 1902 and it's still standing! Finn loves this barn as there is a pool (or maybe foosball?) table upstairs.  It's kind of a kids only zone.  It's got gaping holes here and there and millions of barn cats and Erin always just calls out, "Watch your step!"  I love that free-range attitude and the unspoken idea that kids can take of themselves.  I mean no one wants to fall through a hole in the floor, right? So far, so good.

Horse + carrot. (We saw the "Do Not Feed the Horse" sign too late. Sorry!)  
And, now, are you ready for the best thing EVER? ....

BABY FREAKING PIGS, y'all.  BABY PIIIIIIGGGGGGSSSSS! Look at that FACE.  LOOK at that face.  I'll never eat bacon again. Baby piiiiigggggggg.
The farm stand is closed right now, but when we go out to pick up milk they always have some good stuff for sale:  eggs, carrots, kale, lettuce, um, can't remember but more stuff than that.  Maybe call 'em and see when you can come or just check the website/blog thing.  It really is a great place to see where your food comes from.


  1. this farm is my dream...except when i remember that it's really really hard work and you have to slaughter little piggies when they grow into big piggies and icky stuff like that! fun to dream (and visit!), though!

  2. When one of my sons was small we talked about raising animals that would never be slaughtered. We decided that milk cows would be just the thing. Now I'd want dogs, cats,chickens, goats and pigs. And flowers. A pond. Two horses. Like that.
    ms md

  3. Love the photos! I've been wanting to join a CSA mostly for the opportunity to visit a farm on a regular basis. The little girl thinks farms and their animals are the bees knees. And really, so do I! Green Gate looks lovely!

  4. The work never ends on a farm so you must really, really be dedicated to that type of life. I think these people do love it and I bless them over and over.
    Remind me to tell you about my friend who lives down the road.


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