Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Solstice with the Molstice

Yawn.  We had a lovely Solstice that ended late, late with a backyard fire and some spiked eggnog (sans spike for the boy).  Fortunately, all animals were sympathetic this morning and let us sleep late. Heavenly.Yesterday started with my favorite part of our seasonal celebrations... The Celebration Ring.

I just never cease to be thrilled by the choosing of the ornaments and the lighting of the tiny candles.  By popular demand, we were swiftly on to Finn's favorite part of Solstice - The Present!

'Tis quite challenging to get a small boy with a new bow and arrow to hold still so...this is all I got for ya.  Mama holding the beautiful bear bow for just a second while the quiver was being loaded.  I swear he almost slept with this whole contraption on.  Is there anything more heart-warming than giving your child something you chose so very carefully and finding that you chose right?  He loves it, just loves it. I always want the one Solstice present to be special and I want it to have something to do with nature. Check and check!

Finally! I did it.  I got a damn Gingerbread House and we actually decorated it.  I had to laugh this morning as I checked out my friend, Hillary's, blog as she bought the same one and for the same reason. (Theirs looks a lot better than ours, I have to admit.) I'll never make my own GB house ever again.  The one time we had a good one was the time Finn and I spent about 5 hours at another friend's house making them. She had done all the work, all we did was bring decorations.  I mean, this woman made gingerbread walls for like SIX women and the spackle icing!  We worked on it for hours, brought it home, and Luna ate it while we were out later.  I had to go to bed with a rag on my head. Finn was really little at the time and he walked around for weeks saying, "BAD DOG. BAD, BAD DOG. YOU ARE A BAD DOG." Sigh. Poor Luna...just doing what any good Lab would do.

Sexy Solstice Jackdaddy - expert builder of quivers and beautiful Solstice fires.  Wouldn't he look good on this...?

Yep, the good ole' lit up motorcycle on 37th street.  We always go on the Solstice to see the lights down there.  We thought it was quite good this year.  That house that is around the corner from 37th is THE best again.  Last night they had a fire in the back and there were folks out there meditating on world peace.  Of course I sobbed.  Hard to explain why people meditating on world peace makes me sob, but it does.  Bless those lovely people who decorate their homes and bring such joy to the rest of us. Sniff.  But that was not the end of the coolness...oh no...

Is this store not the best thing you've ever seen? Oh honey, I was downright smitten.  Jackdaddy had to pull me away and remind me we were there to see the lights.  Does that not look like something out of a magazine?  I wanna meet the person who owns this store.  I like him/her. I already know I do.  I gotta be in that space and absorb its goodness.
All-righty ... I've got some thrift love coming your way tomorrow and ... oilcloth. Oh, lovely oil cloth.
Merry Rejuvenation to ye!


  1. This is the best post you have ever had.
    I have loved all of them but this is the very, very best.

  2. you outdid yourself! a bow and arrow! what a mom! who carved it? did you catch the lunar eclipse? it was pouring rain here. bummed. you have inspired me to start our own solstice traditions. a few candles would be a great place to start! cannot wait to hear more about "furniture rejuvenators." what's in the jars in the windows?

  3. Deck the halls with boughs of HARLEY. Har har har. Always adorable. I must give something back. This comes from my neo-luddite id:

    So much for the life electronic,
    the demise of the quaintly iconic.
    Take me back to a year
    not plagued with such gear
    but just this side of bubonic.

  4. Adorable gingerbread house! My mother-in-law has been making gingerbread houses for years: first with her kids, now with her grandkids. She does the baking of the walls and makes the icing then everyone decorates one to take home. Nice. She also cans her home grown veggies and makes jams and jellies. She had to stop crocheting because of her arthritis, but the woman is a maker. That's one thing I'll say for her.

  5. You have made such a beautiful solstice celebration! Next year, I'll swannee I'm gonna do something. I can just imagine how beautiful all the lights in the neighborhood were.

  6. Much love to you guys! You did good Mama! ;)

  7. Neo-Luddite...who are you?? I LOVE that poem. What a gift. Gracias.

    Janine...I bought it online from some dude. Isn't it grand? Oh, eclipse was eclipsed by much cloudos. Boo. That's HONEY in the jars...tons and tons of honey. This person KEEPS BEES too. I mean...I love this person.

    Nell...seems like Morgan loves his creative women. I love you!

    Ms. year, we see the lights together..OK? OK.

    MerryMerry...why thankee! How kind of you.

    Corricks...we are good Mamas, aren't we? sigh. Lucky us.

  8. Lovely M! Neo Lud is your former neighbor, Donna. My Irish heritage requires that I dispense limericks, especially unannounced and unnamed. ; )

    Thanks again for hauling my plants and saving what was left of my knees. xo

  9. That is Honey Bear's place and he is AWESOME and he is also a hypnotist.


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