Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gussied Up.

Oh, we're getting gussied up for the season around here.  I can't tell you how fun the holidays are for me now that I have a little one.  I'm just a happy mama. 
I do have to tell ya that my Christmas took a little turn for the, oh, well, let's just say that things got different this year.  Want to hear the story? Uh huh, I know you do.
SO...FinnigantheCurious and I were in Whole Foods, prime-time of 5pm, the north store (crowded and tiny).  We're in the middle of said tiny, crowded aisle when Finn stops and says really loudly (wherever does he get that loud voice from? Ahem.): 
"Mama. I want to know right now, once and for all, IS there really a Santa or is he something that grown-ups invented to make Christmas more special for kids?"
All eyes are glued to me with horror and anticipation.  Mothers with small children are frantically trying to get away from us.  I'm frozen.  I finally gathered my wits about me and told him that this was a conversation that required sitting down and having some hot chocolate.  So we did and you know how it went from there.  I had to pitch him on the magic of the myth and all the non-Santa goodness that Christmas contains.  We're not  Christians, but I did tell him why it's special to them (his Grandmary and  his Mema will be so happy).  We both cried and snuffled a bit, but it was ultimately no big deal. Whew.  I'm half relieved and half sad.  He also informed that it was "mostly my fault" that he figured it out because, apparently, my face looks "really weird" when he asks me if the presents are really from Santa. You know us mamas... all our fault.
Anyway, the demise of the Santa belief has not hampered our participation in the holiday cheer though, no siree. Even the garden is playing along. Just LOOK at our satsuma!!! We got two...TWO of them!  They were DE.LIC.CIOUS!  I mean, sooo good and juicy.

The crazy metal tree is up again this year.  I can't take a decent photo of it to save my life, but I got a few swanky new ornaments.  Remember me telling you I was gonna become an ornament girl? Oooo, I am, I am!

Glittery, sequiny shroom from Anthropologie.  Girl, I could just die and go to Anthropologie heaven.  Shoot me now.

A jeweled elephant. I mean, a jeweled elephant!  Swoon.
And, just for showing off, a little something I made years ago when Finn was itty.  Little ole' Advent Calendar made out of match boxes.  It's so precious, I just love it so.  I have to admit though, the scurry to remember to put something interesting in there for 24 days is for the birds.  This is the kind of thing that good mamas do properly.  I am always shoving dollar bills in there while he's in the bathroom peeing. Not that he doesn't like the money, it's just that I feel like I'm faking the old-fashioned mama thing.  This year there is a strong candy/dollar/Silly Bands theme.  I also browbeat Jackdaddy this year into buying some crap for it.  He came home with a bag of amazing, amazing rocks from the rock store.  Speaking of show offs...

It's all so lovely and magical. 
We've got to celebrate the Solstice first though!   I look forward to Solstice the mostest, really.  That's where my heart lies - in the old ways.  We'll do all our special stuff.  I'll try to get off my lazy arse and show you some pictures, but don't hold your breathe - I'm hopeless these days. I didn't even send cards out this year and that is unheard of for me.  Oh well, and so it goes.
Merry Everything, y'all!


  1. We can't get it together to send cards either. Last year either - it was worse last year because I actually ordered the damn photo cards and still have Merry Merry to you guys!

  2. Danielle - hahah that cracks me up to think you've got a drawer of cards. Think how awesome that will be 30 years from now though. You can let the girls send them then.

    Blogging at midnight is not a good idea as is evident when I reread this post. Yikes...had to do some editing.

  3. Aw, the talk with Finn sounds very sweet. Owen told me it was his dad's fault for wrapping a gift "from Santa" that he only asked him for and never mentioned it to Santa at all in his letter. They're too smart! We still include Santa in the holiday but we call him the Patron Saint of Christmas instead! ha
    There is a lunar eclipse on solstice this year, I think. The 21st. Extra exciting!

  4. As usual your decorations are truly amazing. So much love in your home makes all of us happy.
    If we get our new house I am going to do some decorating next year.
    Your matchbox is one of the bestest things I have ever seen.

  5. I love the solstice thing so much. I think I'll get off my tiny arse and do something decorative for the next one. I love the matchbox too. Love it.
    ms md

  6. i'm not sure when i broke the news to my kids that santa and jesus were both just stories--but really fun and GOOD stories!
    i think it's great to just celebrate the season, the season of being together, of making yummy food, of reinventing old traditions, of playing sappy holiday music (who doesn't cry at little drummer boy?) of reveling in the joy and love!!

  7. Hey Mama, Advent is a seasnonal Christian celebration, but I'm all for choosing traditions and rituals that suit a persons' life. Really great craft project too, I bet that was fun to make.

  8. I'm a big fan of taking what I like and leaving the rest. I grew up Christian, so I am well aware of the advent tradition and I LOVE it. We use it as a countdown to the big day. Fun Fun! It was a bitch to make! hahahah


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