Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Cricket

 I told you it was gonna happen, didn't I?  New kitty.  Another trip to Town Lake Animal Shelter.  Another afternoon of mama spent sobbing over all the ones we didn't choose.  Ah, the things we do for our spawn.  
So, this is Cricket.  Cricket because it (he) makes a lot of noise.  "The Chinese" (you know, all Chinese people! lol) keep a caged cricket in the house for good luck.  I have no idea why a constantly chirping critter is lucky, but I'll tell ya something, this chirping thing will be lucky if I don't strangle it.  Uh, I mean, well, nevermind.  He talks a lot.  Course, he fits right in here cuz we all talk a lot, but we don't whine. OK, most of the time we don't whine. Anyway, he's cute as hell.  Did I mention he's noisy?
Moving on...
I am sooooo much more patient than I used to be.  I guess having a child and becoming a gardener throws one into patience boot camp -  like it or not. I do like it, being more patient, but I have my moments.  Like now.  The spa is mostly done except for staining.  Therein lies the rub. (Get it? Rubbing in the stain...) I can't really, really landscape until that is done and well, you know how long we take to get stuff finished around here so, who knows when it will get done and so just this teeny bit of stuff has gone in because I applied for a city rebate and I had to get it in or lose the money.  It kind of depresses me when they're all just sitting there so obviously newly planted.  These poor small, but cheap! plants that look so forlorn until they take off growing in the spring.  Everything looks forlorn now anyway as "winter" is here and my yard is all browns and browns and browns.  I don't really mind because I love brown, but it does make the old garden kinda...bleak.

 Some switchgrasses...

Some Gulf Muhuly, a Senna (yum) and more salvia alongside some dismal rock remnants (which will be replaced when and if I can convince FinnigantheCurious to come to the cemetery with me to get big ones. He's on a cemetery strike.).

  Some more switch grasses and some fall obedient plants and a relocated agave and, um, oh, another salvia.  Oh, and my mosquito breeding pond.  I'm thinking of going into business breeding mosquitoes and selling them to folks in other states who don't have any.  All those poor Californians out there with no mosquitoes.  Don't you think that's a great business idea?  My mama is just the funniest woman,  as I've told you before.  She used to just hate it when people would ask her what her husband (my Daddy) did for a living.  She had this checklist of absolutely hysterical stock answers for them:  shepherd, mosquito breeder, jockey, wizard ("Wizard? What kind of wizard?" "Oh, just a wizard wizard."), etc..  I fall over laughing just thinking about this.
Speaking of colorful...

 Some thrift love for you...  Check out this vintage Lego table I found! Surely made by some sweet grandpa.  (Remind me to tell you sometime about me painting it a pale green color because I really don't like this dark teal, but  then changing my mind and wiping it all off in a frenzy before it dried.)  I'm redoing FinnigantheCurious' room for the 576,899 time and this is gonna look soooo good in there. If I ever get it done, that is. Poor little boy.
However, the big boy is happy these days all because of this:

Any idea what it might be?  Uh, huh.  I'd have no idea either if I didn't live here.  It's an espresso machine.  A big, fancy thing he found on Craigslist and is redoing.  Once it's put back together it will be RED!  
Come on by for a cuppa...he's really into it.  You  might have to pretend to be interested in the machine though.  Don't worry, it's not hard - I do it all the time. Heeehawwww don't tell!


  1. Cutest Cat! I have had talkative cats before. I think they have an exinstential itch. If you find it, scratch it. He/she is probably anxious and will settle in. Life in the shelter makes them very needy. Oh, and maybe try putting him in a little container. He might not know what to do with all that space.

  2. That machine looks as though it might be the innards of a hydrogen bomb. Are you SURE it isn't?

    Your little Cricket looks like a baby Dortmunder that we used to have. A big old yellow boy who we just adored. I know Cricket will be just like him.

    Your yard? Capital YUMMY!!!!!

  3. great to see the new kitty! (felt bad about your other one, seemed very special). glad you kept the dark teal. it's a great color, actually, kind of getting tired of the lime green thing. i'm bummed (jealous) because i think our thrift stores are getting picked over, it's now hip to like junk, and some stores (goodwill) even pull the cool stuff and mark it up. no fair!!

  4. Cricket is sooooo cute!!! That little nose..... :)

    Nice lego table find!!!

  5. We missed you guys last week - hope to see you in Jan! Can't wait for an steaming cup of espresso. A&E want to play with Finn and his lego table. ;)

  6. How nice to have a husband who can build and tinker and bubba-rig things together and make something out of nothing. Mine's great, don't get me wrong, but yours makes you neat stuff and you better dang well appreciate it as you think of other ladies who have to do everything all by their lonesome. I'm not saying that's me, but I'm sure other ladies out there know what the heck I mean. ;-) PS. Cute kitty, but have you ever seen an un-cute kitty?

  7. Well, I'll be -- we have a cat named Cricket, too! Clearly great minds think alike. Our cat has always been very skittish, even as a kitten, so we named her Cricket, because she's so jumpy.

    Congrats on your new kitten!

  8. The new kitty is cute, he reminds me of a cat my family got when I was 8 and had for the next 20 years. Hopefully yours will have as long and happy a life! Do you have a link for more info about the rebate program you mentioned (if it's still active)?

  9. what a prosh little kitteh! Most adorable! I love a an orangish kitty!

  10. Here is the info on the city's rebate program for converting grass to other forms of landscape.

  11. got some skeeter fish?

    head over to shoal creek and net yourselves some gambusia. they'll take care of those mosquito larvae. (or at least, you'll be able to say they do)


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