Thursday, November 4, 2010

I just don't know...

I can't explain it.  
I really can't.  
I was gonna blog and then I didn't, and didn't, and didn't, and next thing you know it's been a longish time.
Anyway, hiatus guys can stop emailing me, OK? 
I'm sorry.  I'll try not to be such a slacker anymore.  (Try)
Where were we?
Oh, the SPA.  That's what we're calling our new outdoor tub and bath area. We kept saying the patio.  We already have a patio and so that was confusing.  What was even more confusing is that we were both naturally calling it a patio.  It's not even a patio.  I guess we're not so good with area-naming around here.  Anyway, we finally just started saying the spa.  This is weird too because it is not a spa. But that is what we are calling it and you should call it that too.
It still looks like this:

That's all-right though.  Today is the day. The concrete dude is coming to talk to Jackdaddy and then the concrete itself comes on Saturday so ... there is an end in sight.  I've got 4 Gulf Muhulys languishing in their little pots just waiting to be planted.  There are also several silver ponyfoots, and a Senna, and 2 woolly butterfly bushes, and ... (this is a guilt trip for Jackdaddy just in case he reads the blog this week.  Heehaw. Bad wife)

Here is some sad, sad news.  Our tiny baby, most precious kitten in the whole world, love of our lives, Quiver, was killed by a car on Halloween night.  We've been quite inconsolable about this.  We had a beautiful little memorial here with Finn and some of his friends on Dias de los Muertos.   It was beyond precious.

RIP little baby.
Sniff.  Over the years some animals get in your heart more than others.  Quiver was very deep into my heart.  I've just had the hardest time letting go of her.  FinnigantheCurious is already lobbying for a new one.  I'm just not there yet.  Jackdaddy was never there as he is maxed on the animal front.  Of course, one small boy missing all his front teeth crying, "pllleeeeeath?" is hard to resist.  I feel sure you'll see a new kitty face around here sometime soon. 

All-right...I'm off to take down 457,988,098 Halloween decorations. 

 This is what my head feels like when I think of how much crap I have to dismantle.  We did a lot of decorating this year.  Maybe we'll just be The Halloween House and leave them up all year.  Sigh.  I'm already known as the crazy mulch/chicken/mermaid yard lady.  That seems manageable.  The crazy mulch/chicken/mermaid/Halloween lady seems, well, crazy.  Poor Finn.  Everyone loves having a crazy lady house in their neighborhood.  Everyone except the kids who live at said house.  Oh well, builds character, right?


  1. Mama, so sorry about kitten Quiver. And the last post shows her enjoying spilled milk. Mew! The memorial was a sweet way to say goodbye. The spa is nice, but you're tub is only big enough for one. ;-)

  2. You are my most favorite crazy lady. If you lived next door to me I would be crazier than you. I am already but nobody notices because it's all in the back yard.
    ms md

  3. Michele, Hope this isn't another sad topic, but what happened to the other little siamese kitty ya'll had before Quiver? I think Finn named him?

    I am so sorry you lost your little baby Quiver. Those streets aren't kind to kitties. Thinking of you. xo, Lynell

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  5. I love your spa idea! Keep us up to date with the experience. It's been something I have been thinking about for a year or so, I'd like to know how it goes.

    A few months ago we lost a special, soul clicking kitty. Horrid. I consoled myself with the thought that she had a purpose, a job to do and it was done. We still miss her terribly. She touched us so deeply and did so much in just her short amount of time on earth. That is really magical. Then I thought that one day we'd welcome another amazing spirit into our lives. It happened sooner than I thought. So many of them need us.

  6. The lesson to be learned is that no matter how long or short a life it is to be cherished always.
    Goodbye, baby Quiver.

  7. Welcome back to blogland! You've been missed. I'm sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. Your memorial was a lovely way to say goodbye.

    I live out here in suburbia and I wish we had a little more crazy around here...maybe that's why I love your blog so much!

  8. Samuel says, "They are such a creative family." :)
    I <3 Wabi-sabi!


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