Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy # 17

I am soooo happy that my neighborhood rallied for a historic tree planting at our local park.  We planted over 100!! trees.  Jackdaddy and I bought a tree and had it dedicated to FinnigantheCurious.  He picked out a pecan tree so that someday we could just walk over pick them up.  That's a bittersweet thought for a mama - that someday that tree will be grown and my little boy will be grown.  Sniff.
(I am also happy that Jackdaddy did all the work ((mostly)) and the boy and I just posed.)
Happy pecan season to you!


  1. Happy Pecan Season to you, too.
    I see the SQUARE hole you (Jackdaddy) dug and will keep it in mind when we start planting trees over here.
    I want a real fruit bearing (not ornamental) Mulberry tree to be planted waaaaaaaaaay away from the clothesline. Birds love mulberries. Enough said?

  2. Thanks for helping to make it such a great day! xooxxoox

  3. What a wonderful thing to do! Your son (and neighbors) are lucky people! Congrats on all the new trees there! You guys look real cute in the photo!!! :)


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