Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all of us over at The Wabi-Sabi House.

Don't forget to send some white light to the Wampanoag peoples for helping us through that awful winter.   And, oh my, did it ever turn winter today here in Texas, or what?!  We went in to see Harry Potter at noon and we were in shorts.  We came out a couple of hours later and it was COLD as all get out.  Brrrr.

Y'all have fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy # 17

I am soooo happy that my neighborhood rallied for a historic tree planting at our local park.  We planted over 100!! trees.  Jackdaddy and I bought a tree and had it dedicated to FinnigantheCurious.  He picked out a pecan tree so that someday we could just walk over pick them up.  That's a bittersweet thought for a mama - that someday that tree will be grown and my little boy will be grown.  Sniff.
(I am also happy that Jackdaddy did all the work ((mostly)) and the boy and I just posed.)
Happy pecan season to you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


 Y'all know how I love to scavenge, right?  Y'all also know that I find a lot of my good stuff on bulk pick-up day (coming soon to my hood!), but one of the major stops for my scavenging self is my very own neighborhood message board.  My neighbors and I freecycle back and forth like crazy and I just love it.  Love, love, love it.  Well, so, one day someone posts that they are GIVING AWAY a Pachinko machine. OH. MAH. GAWWWD.  How did I even know what a Pachinko machine was, you ask?  I have no idea really, except that I really, really love pinball machines (Note to all scavengers: I really want a pinball machine ((that works)).) and perhaps I heard of Pachinko via that world?  I don't really know except to say that I did know and I jumped on that email. I mean jumped.  As in, heart pounding fingers shaking jumped.
There's a kind of funny back story to this. Well, it's not really even funny or interesting at all, but I feel I need to say it. This same family had offered up something else free a few months ago and I had claimed it and then never picked it up which is just beyond awful in the freecycle world.  I never (well, obviously not never) do that and it really bugs me when others do it to me. Needless to say, I was slightly mortified to even ask for the amazing Pachinko offer, but, well, you know, greediness took over and I asked.
Let me just say that the Pachinko has a new home with us and is very, very loved.  I mean, veryvery.  We are all endlessly fascinated with it and it is high on the "To Do" list to get it back into tip-top shape.  It works, but we want it to rock the Casbah and it does need some hoo haw Jackdaddy time.  Someday we'll have it up on the wall and y'all can come on by and have a chat with Lady Luck.
Just take a gander at this thing. It's a toy! It's art! It's a magical machine!  I could go on and on, but just look...look and envy, my friends (Hooohaaaa)!

(One for the electrogeeks)

ASHTRAY, y'all.  Can you imagine?  Mmmm, what if smoking were actually good for you...

My deepest thanks to the "McC" family for this generous gift.  We promise to love it, and use it, and offer it back to you first if we ever tire of it (ha).  And thank you for holding the shadow theater for me in my time of slackerness and I'm gonna bring you by some delicious yard eggs as a tiny bit of thanks. 
Chaching, indeed!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Spa

You know what that is peeking over the fence, don't you? 

Uh-huh...the coRncrete dudes!!!  

And that means that something very wabi-sabi is about to go down.  

Mama's been waiting for this little something to happen for a loooong time. 

Oooo, I am sooo happy.

Mario, the wonder dude, working his concrete magic.  

I am fascinated by the process of taking that ugly chunky stuff and making it into such a smooth and silky surface. 

Mario and Carlos did a wonderful job!  

Great guys, great work.  

Oh, I just wish it wasn't such an environmental train wreck. 


I tell myself that I'm offsetting the damage by having such Earth-friendly landscaping.  

Not saying it's true, just sayin' that it helps relieve my guilt.

Kitty paw prints? 


Kitty paw prints in new spa circle? 

Not so cute. 

We only had one casualty with some chicken prints.  

Mario was able to clear them up though.  

Pollos Loco.

I just love, love, love the fire ring.  

Look at that nice fat edge - perfect for putting the old barking dogs up on. 

I'm gonna be found most nights right here...kicked back in the Adirondacks with my feet getting toasty.  

(And having marshmallow goo dripped on them, if I am to be honest.)

Drool, drool, drool.  Seriously, this is my yard?   

Here's the view from the back of the yard.  

We'll have it stained in a few weeks.  

We've decided to go with that dark terra cotta color.  

That's gonna look downright swanky with the dark greens and browns of the house.  

Then the endless landscaping shall commence.  

Seriously, I wish I would wake up in the morning to find that some fabulous landscape designer fairy had come and installed massive amounts of full-sized natives and that they were in full bloom. 

Oh, and that they would stay in full bloom all winter and be magically protected from any freezes.  

Damn, while I'm wishin' I guess I'll just put it out there that I wish that wretched Catalpa tree would disappear too.

Naw, I'm just joshin' ya...I'm  really looking forward to landscaping this whole area of practically solid rock masquerading as soil.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

I just don't know...

I can't explain it.  
I really can't.  
I was gonna blog and then I didn't, and didn't, and didn't, and next thing you know it's been a longish time.
Anyway, hiatus guys can stop emailing me, OK? 
I'm sorry.  I'll try not to be such a slacker anymore.  (Try)
Where were we?
Oh, the SPA.  That's what we're calling our new outdoor tub and bath area. We kept saying the patio.  We already have a patio and so that was confusing.  What was even more confusing is that we were both naturally calling it a patio.  It's not even a patio.  I guess we're not so good with area-naming around here.  Anyway, we finally just started saying the spa.  This is weird too because it is not a spa. But that is what we are calling it and you should call it that too.
It still looks like this:

That's all-right though.  Today is the day. The concrete dude is coming to talk to Jackdaddy and then the concrete itself comes on Saturday so ... there is an end in sight.  I've got 4 Gulf Muhulys languishing in their little pots just waiting to be planted.  There are also several silver ponyfoots, and a Senna, and 2 woolly butterfly bushes, and ... (this is a guilt trip for Jackdaddy just in case he reads the blog this week.  Heehaw. Bad wife)

Here is some sad, sad news.  Our tiny baby, most precious kitten in the whole world, love of our lives, Quiver, was killed by a car on Halloween night.  We've been quite inconsolable about this.  We had a beautiful little memorial here with Finn and some of his friends on Dias de los Muertos.   It was beyond precious.

RIP little baby.
Sniff.  Over the years some animals get in your heart more than others.  Quiver was very deep into my heart.  I've just had the hardest time letting go of her.  FinnigantheCurious is already lobbying for a new one.  I'm just not there yet.  Jackdaddy was never there as he is maxed on the animal front.  Of course, one small boy missing all his front teeth crying, "pllleeeeeath?" is hard to resist.  I feel sure you'll see a new kitty face around here sometime soon. 

All-right...I'm off to take down 457,988,098 Halloween decorations. 

 This is what my head feels like when I think of how much crap I have to dismantle.  We did a lot of decorating this year.  Maybe we'll just be The Halloween House and leave them up all year.  Sigh.  I'm already known as the crazy mulch/chicken/mermaid yard lady.  That seems manageable.  The crazy mulch/chicken/mermaid/Halloween lady seems, well, crazy.  Poor Finn.  Everyone loves having a crazy lady house in their neighborhood.  Everyone except the kids who live at said house.  Oh well, builds character, right?