Friday, October 15, 2010

What's up...

 Chikkin Butt?  HA HA. And a top 'o the mornin' to you too!  
We've had our fair share of this view as we have finally embarked upon....PROJECTUS SEMI-GIGANTICUS!  (FinnigantheCurious is very into Harry Potter (again) these days so everying, but everything  gets turned into a spell around here.) At last, at last, the outdoor shower and tub area is getting its face lift.  Well, actually, it's just getting its face period.  As you probably know, when an area actually works, it is quite difficult to make oneself put such area at the top of the "To Do List" because so many other things and areas that don't  work are crying (wailing) for one's attention.  Well,  the outdoor shower and the tub both work, but it 'aint pretty, if you know what I'm saying.  Here's how the area looked 4 years ago when we bought the house.  

Course, it doesn't look too bad in the picture.  It was pretty bad.  See that bit of green plastic with the brown bottom up there on the right side of the photo?  That was an old, termite infested, sagging almost to the ground greenhouse/workshop thingee. That had to go, pronto.  That thing was truly a death trap, and, of course, the place a 2-year-old most wanted to explore.
Gone.  And now - a blank spot! A blank spot! Jackdaddy was probably salivating (literally) as this picture was taken just dreaming of a driveway.  A manly driveway upon which he could build and destroy and tweak and invent.  (Little did he know it would be 2 more years before that project happened.  Poor Jackdaddy.) 
Next? Plumbing.
Plumbing Project #4,679.  Running hot water to the shower.  Mama must have hot water.  Mama does not like cold water.  Mama must have hot water. 

Workable. Usable. But in dire need of the plan.
 So now it looks something like this...

When we put in the driveway, we decided to change the cement pads from square to round. I like this look much better for some reason.  At this point we had some ideas mulling around, but nothing felt just right.  If we've learned anything, we've learned not to put a bunch of time and money into something if we're not quite sure how we want it.  I say we've "learned" that.  I still do it almost every day in the garden.  I spend half my limited and oh so precious time backtracking and uprooting and moving (and cursing, of course).  Such is gardening.  Such is not the way when pouring cement or laying flagstone or doing anything that involves large, heavy objects that we pay someone to deliver. 

Here's a little preview of where we're headed with this.  Two small rounds connected with a large round at slightly different levels.  There will also be another big round behind the tub that will sit off to the left side a bit.  I think we'll connect those with a kind of hourglass form.

There's me, "helping."  I'm quite fond of the jobs that require this kind of "help." 
The fire pit will be poured to match the rounds.  They'll all be quite thick and chunky and stained with a terra cotta color.  Then... let the wild landscaping rumpus start!  I'm gonna do all natives, of course.  I'm thinking I'll focus on ornamental grasses, gravel paths and such.  It's a weird spot and will probably be quite challenging for gardening.  The left side of the photo (the east) gets a lot of sun and the other side is very shady due to the huge (ugly,dying, struggling, miserable, did I say ugly?) Catalpa tree, as well as all the  Arizona Ashes and trash trees that line the west side of the yard.  The Hackberry Arbor, as I like to call it. Oh, well, you do what you can, right?  I can't afford to rip them all out and I wouldn't do it anyway.  They live, they prosper, and they need nothing from me.  I can live with a little bit of ugly, right? we are. More to be done this weekend then maybe concrete (coRNcrete as we say in Texas) next week?   Yeehaw!


  1. hi, i am lovig your designs. carry on forever!!

  2. It's gonna be awesome, just like you and your family! ;)

  3. So cool! I can't wait to see the finished shower. I, too, like the concrete circles better than square pads. The terracotta colored concrete should be awesome.

    I, too, am working on an outdoor shower, but mine (when done) will be a little less finished looking than yours. This mama will be showering in water warmed by the spring & summer sun, so if she doesn't shine....I might be pretty cold. ;-) I also have the task of keeping my male neighbor at bay. Laura

  4. You guys always have a cool project going on. I can't wait to see it complete with the Wabi-Sabi touch. Rock on!

  5. I can't believe how much you've done in just 4 years. And this project is my dream come true! And, the chicken butt is pretty cute too.

  6. Lookin good...starting to really take shape now...I can see the finish line! It will look so good when done and all pretty with all the greenery you are planning!!!

  7. We just called a nursery to TRY to buy some Arizona Ash trees. They grow to gigantic proportions so when the nursery folks tell you "They don't grow well here" DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!
    Your yard is so fabbaluss! Sonia had large corncrete circles at her house on Dowlen years ago and I think you, subconsciously, remembered them fondly.
    And a happy Chikken Butt to you and yours. Was this Melba's butt?

  8. You look exhausted in your helping photo. Is that man working you like an old plow mule? It will all be worth it in the end.

  9. I just smile everytime I read your posts ~ you have such great energy and voice! The chicken butt is adorable, and the shower fantastic and I can so relate to that "helping" picture ~ I help my husband like that too sometimes :-)
    Some jobs are just blue and some are pink! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  10. Your butt is so BIG !!I had no idea. No, really. Your chick is beautiful. And those rounds I had on Dowlen Road..Mr.Harry thought them up. They are septic tank covers. I don't know where you can even get them anymore. Your garden work/play is so wonderful. I love that you share it with us.

  11. Can't wait to see the finished project:) That's my kinda helping too...wish I could get your kinda working...yea Jack-Daddy!

  12. What is Jackdaddy's hourly or daily rate?? Put me next on is honey-do list please. ;-) kat


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