Thursday, October 7, 2010

Admiral Stock's Aerial Adventure.

 I'm supposed to be cleaning and folding.  Instead, I must, must, must show you my Thrifting Thursday finds.  Oh, my dears, today was a lovely thrifting day.  I set out to find Halloween decorations...instead I cam home with these treasures:

For my small love's room...this absolutely beyond dreamy print.  It's called Admiral Stock's Aerial Adventure. Truly, truly, can you imagine anything more dear?   It's just the most fantastical, magical thing ever with an adventurer's ship being carried over the ocean by a hot hair balloon.  And, oh, the colors...the sky blues and mariner oranges and and sea greens.  I was simply carried away when I saw it.  Sometimes you just know that something was meant to be yours, don't you?  I feel like this painting was just waiting for me.  It's all the more endearing because my boys (big and little) are off on a flying adventure as we speak!  The small boy will be so, so , so  thrilled to come home and find this hanging in his room.
There's more...

This probably won't thrill you, but I've been looking for one of these forEVER.  I keep a basket of seasonal books here for  FinnigantheCurious.  I often find myself toting the sagging and heaving basket from room to room for reading time.  I've been dying to get a wooden book holder with a handle and, ta da! there she was! Just waiting for me right across the aisle from Admiral Stock. Heaven. Heaven, I tell you.  The thrifting gods were smiling upon me today.  But wait, it's not over yet, just one more lovely...

A gnome cup.  A. gnome. cup!  Can you imagine someone giving away their gnome cup?  Not this Irish girl.  I laughed out loud at this point because my luck was so good.The luck o' the Irish, my friends...nothing like it.
And, speaking of Irish, I'm off to have a pint in my new "coffee" mug.  The boys are still out and I'm now in (and never the twain shall meet).  I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get one single gardening chore done today, but, oh, the list was soooo long and I felt lazy and there was all that thrift karma calling me.  Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I feel your excitement. When we moved back from Indonesia my son was about 8, and we ended up making him an Indiana Jones explorer-style room. Everything just fell in to place with stuff we already had for the most part - my husbands old roll-top desk, some Indonesian masks, an antique-looking map of the world to go above the desk. Jungle-print bedspreads. The piece de resistance though was finding a ceiling fan that looked like airplane propellers. That boy was in hog heaven!

  2. Oh, there is nothing better than thift finds!!! I love all your new goodies...congrats!

  3. Excellent finds! As for the gardening, didn't you get some extree help the other day from that small siamese furball?

  4. OMG - those thrift gods WERE smiling on you, Michele!! I can't believe how great of a haul you made.

  5. How super!!! It was your house's turn for some TLC.
    You were meant to find those treasures. I love all of them and I love you.

  6. Oh yea, that "thrill of the hunt" high! I love it! Went to Round Top last week and will be posting soon about my finds!! Love that gnome mug - you lucky girl!

  7. great stuff! love the print, and you know how i feel about gnomes...
    there is nothing like a good thrift score, man. remember the red boots? i can still get giddy when i think about finding those things. we should thrift together, soon!

  8. OHow I would love to thrift with you too. Great and wonderful finds.

  9. Used stuff! Your excitement about used stuff is contagious. In a totally wabi dream the other night, and after seeing the adorable Pam's CTG episode that featured your gate, I dreamed of painting my garden gate and the 'plan' just came to me all complete. Serendipity. ;)

  10. Hey Curious Holts!
    It's Libby over at Aurora Primavera, my sadly neglected blog. I saw that your had asked for carpenters on our 'hood group. Could I trouble you to forward your collection? Would SO appreiate.
    Thanks hugely


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