Friday, September 17, 2010

We're Home!

Good morning! How's that for a morning face? This is how I feel when I get home from a big trip and there is soooo much to do. Determined, but sort of downright insane at the same time. I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you that we were going to California for a spell. We did some city time in Los Angeles then some mountain time in the Sequoias. YumYum...the best of both worlds.
Oh, and speaking of yum, some chikkins I know started laying eggs! Uh-huh, they sure did. We were starting to wonder, but lo and behold, huevos-a-go-go!

Aren't they purty? Lordy, lordy but they are good. There is just nothing like a fresh yard egg. I was gonna show you a picture of how very yellow the yolk is, but my stove is so dirty I just couldn't bear the honesty. Maybe after I unpack 568,998 pieces of clothing and wash them...maybe then I will clean the stove and take another egg picture for you. I'm off to start the unpacking...I think. I started to do it yesterday, but ended up just moving things from one room to another, and kind of walking around in circles. I may do that again today...who knows. I may just take a long nap and dream of a clean, unpacked home. I'm for sure gonna make some egg salad. Wish I had some fresh dill.
I've got something exciting to show you tomorrow! My front gate is a bit famous...that's all I'm gonna say for now. Hoo Haw and Bok Bok!


  1. Oh that chicken is cuuuuuuuute! How pretty the eggs are, such a lovely beigey color!

  2. Welcome home! You were missed. The chicken is adorable!! Shoot, I feel like I'm walkiing in circles half the time even when I haven't been on vacation! I'm in Cali right now and hoping to have a post about my trip soon.

  3. Yay for EGGS! It is a miracle, isn't it? Maybe one day you will get baby chicks too.

  4. missed you! love that chicken pic. wish i had some fresh dill for you, but the kids fed all of it to the guinea pigs.

  5. Now you've really got me wanting chikkens of my own! I bet they missed you, that's for sure.

  6. OMG! You are so funny!!! I am so unbelieveably jealous of your California trip!!! That is my fav state and just going all around, everywhere within it is just fantabulously excellent! I am so happy you got to go!!! Those chickens are really producing! How fun and delicious!!! Congrats! Now get to cleaning so we can see those purdy yolks!!! LOLOL! :)
    xoxo- Julie

  7. I was wondering what was taking you so long to post. I was missing my Wabi Sabi fix.

    I told you they would start laying, didn't I? If you get any more chickens, you should try to find Aracanas. That way you can have some green, blue and pink eggs to go with the brown ones. They are the hardiest of chickens and I think you could use hardy.

  8. I not only miss your post but the comments from your friends are just so great.
    Eggs!!! When you were here you were saying you wish you had some fresh egg salad.
    Do the girls mind if you get their eggs? Do they puff up and act grouchy?

  9. WOOHOO! Eggs from the cutest chicks ever! Hope you guys had a great trip!!

  10. Welcome back! I saw your gate on CTG this morning, high five to you, it looks great! :) I love seeing things on CTG from the blogs I read, it's exciting.

  11. WG - where are you in Cali now? Can't wait to see your trip!

    Linda - fair warning...they wreak a bit of havoc on the old garden. but the eggs...oh the eggs...

    Julie...stove still dirty.

    Bob - I HAVE two Aracanas. Those damn girls haven't laid one egg YET. I really, really want my pretty blue eggs! Can you come give em a talking to?

    Anon - they don't seem to care one BIT when I get the eggs. I supposed it's because they are not fertilized and they know it. They just lay and walk off.

    Corricks - Y'all come eat some!

    Tina Poe - YOU DID? That is sooo exciting. I just love that show. What a thrill for me.


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