Thursday, September 23, 2010

Merry Mabon to ye!

Oh, the lovely changing of the seasons. I suppose the Autumnal Equinox is my favorite.  This means we can make soup now, right?  And bread? And there are pumpkins in the stores!  Oh joy, joy.  We celebrate the seasons here at the Wabi-Sabi house so we are busy, busy today.  Bread is being made as we speak ... oh you should smell this house.  Is there any better smell, really?  Maybe a baby, but I dunno.  You can't eat a baby.

The Joy of Cooking is still a joy.  My mama gave me my very own copy a few years ago.  I am proud to say mine is already well-worn with smudges galore! I got it out because I harvested the last of the tomatoes yesterday and I was gonna make home made spaghetti sauce for my boy.   I got my fall beds all ready yesterday too.  My boys were on their Adventure 6.5 so I had an entire free day (and night!). I'm trying the Square Foot Gardening method this season...fingers crossed for more variety in less space.

There will be the first fire of the season tonight.  I don't care if it's 100 degrees ... we're firing it up.  When I was little and my mama would get good and sick of summer she would crank up the air conditioner as high as it would go then light a fire in the fireplace.  She would!  Isn't that fabulous?  Waiting for cool weather in Texas can drive a woman to madness.  I can testify to that my own self.  
Mabon is not the only celebration happening today.  Oh, no, it's a full-on party here because...

some little boy had a half birthday yesterday.  On his real birthday we always make (or buy..his choice, of course) some crazy cake.  But on his halves, Mama always breaks out the Mother Goose candle holders.  Seriously, little pewter candle holders...could you die?  I noticed this morning that there are only 6.  What does this mean? Will he be too old for such sentimentality next year?  I can't bear the thought.  If he's very, very good, I might consider dropping them by the time he's 37.  Maybe.

No proper celebration is complete without chocolate cake.  I have a dirty little secret about our cakes.  My boy likes his without icing.  YIKES! I have no idea what I did to create such a preference, but I'll keep working on him.
All-right, I'm off to finish the bread so I can be ready to howl at the moon.

PS Blogger is off its rocker today, so please forgive any post weirdness. Blech. WordPress, here I come.


  1. Ha! I made soup last night! I also lit some candles since we don't have a fireplace, which is something that I save for autumn. Oh, and we bought pumpkins yesterday to celebrate the harvest moon.
    Owen and Finn were having such a fun conversation about being wizards for halloween. They are going to be ADORABLE.

  2. Ha - too funny...I love chocolate cake without icing too :-) You get to eat twice as much, right? You're a fun mom! Btw, love your new banner picture.

  3. Wow, are you creating rockin' memories for your sweetheart or what? I have my mom-in-law's Joy of Cooking and I positively treasure it! Sometimes I just want to sit down & read it, cover to cover. I'm so with you on the fire, but Greg would never do it this early, but go for it. I'm so all about soups, soups, pumpkins, and fires. Come on fall, come on. You sound like the romantic that I am and that's what families are made of. (Oh,on Halloween, I like to mow what little lawn we have, so the kiddies smell the new cut grass as they come for their treats. It's one of my fave childhood memories). They also love to rub up against the rosemary I planted on the walk to the door. It's so all about creating memories!

  4. I declare! Every new blog of yours is better and better.
    Thanks for all the kind words. You are such a joy.
    It is much cooler now that Fall has arrived in SE Texas. (Not really but.......)
    Do you put your bread on the water heater to rise?

  5. I can certainly appreciate the house filled with bread smell. There has never been a slice of store bought bread in our house. Lyn has always made our bread these last thirty yrs. She has a great slicing sandwich type, Italian, tear aparts and of course the rolled up cinnamon loaf. Dammit, now I'm getting hungry.

  6. Oh, the bread smell. Have you ever had my hubby's rustic loaves? OMG the ONLY thing I really miss being gluten-free!

    Happy 1/2 to Mr.F!

  7. I've got a secret about chocolate cake too--I only like it if it's got white icing. Yep, chocolate cake with white icing and yellow cake with chocolate icing.

    After reading Bob's comment about cinnamon bread, I'm starting to drool.

    The cooler weather has been making me want to make apple pie and/or apple dumplings. 90 degrees out and that's considered "cooler." sad, really.

  8. You brought visions of late afternoon, a fire in the fireplace, delicious smells from the kitchen. We do have fall and winter here! It's coming.

  9. Yes, last week I was ready to go to Wordpress myself!!! It was uploading photos that was sooooo slow...but tonight, a huge improvement, thank God!

    A child who doesn't liek icing on his cake...this is an oddity, eh??? LOL...:) Just as well...much healthier!

    I hope you will show us your square foot garden as you go...will be pretty cool!

    Good idea to light up the fire...lots of fun!!!

  10. I love cake too much to have icing with it. I just want to put my face right down in it and eat it all up. Same goes for bread. I made an apple pie today fresh from scratch. It's the joy of Autumn. I revel in the cool sunshine.
    ms md

  11. aaaaahhhhhhoooooooooowwwwww! From the other side of the arroyo!


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