Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 I just wanted to get right down to it today, didn't I?  Man, there are few things in life creepier than a big 'ole wasp's nest.  I know Jackdaddy is really looking forward to this little project.   Although, I have to say, he's been very, very good with the project list lately.  I should project list.  His personal list is as long as mine, but there are a lot of things on my list that I simply cannot do.  One thing being to cut down a tree.

 This old boxwood (I think) has been on her last leg since we moved in here.  It was weirdly split kinda in half.  One side was way dead, one side was only slightly dead.  (Remember  Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride? "...he's only slightly dead.")  I tried to just let it go, but it got uglier and uglier and deader and deader.  I finally whined until Jackdaddy got out the pole saw and we (yes, I said we) took her down.  I pulled on the rope while he did the sawing.  The first limb sent me flying onto me arse since we were working on the way dead side first.  Very funny to everyone...mama flying bassackwards into the ground. Oh ha, ha, ha. 
Anyway, it's gone and things look much better over there.   I think (hope, hope) that we're going to start our big outdoor shower/tub landscaping/hardscaping project over there this month.  I gotta come up with a catchy name.  I am most certainly not going to write that every time.  I suspect "Project Pain in the Ass" might come up pretty quickly.  Maybe "Project Why Are we Overdrawn Already this Month?" might work too.  "Project What were we Thinking?" 

I left the stumps so I could add another bird feeder and bath to the yard.  I always like recycled tree stumps.  Once this area is landscaped with some more ornamental grasses, decomposed granite, and boulders, I think it's gonna look quite purdy.  If not, I'll rip it all out and do something else, right?  
Speaking of ripping it all out...

 Do you like the look of open cabinets?  I so do, but I've never been brave enough to do it.  I've been toying with the idea at this house for sometime.  I finally just took the doors down, organized a tad, and decided to see how it felt.  It feels really good!  We all like it a lot.  Notice something else?   Something green? Yep, I'm gonna paint them.  The old white just gets soooo dirty and it's really rather dingy looking.  I kept whining that "we" (meaning Jack) should take them down and redo them.  Suddenly dawned on me that I could just paint them.  I still have to do some tough work on them, but I feel sure that the new paint is gonna do the trick.  I picked out the loveliest olive color.  It's actually called Garden of Paradise which isn't too bad, but I like Olive better.  It really is just the color of an olive.  One of those fancy stuffed Santa Barbara olives. An olive sitting peacefully down at the bottom of a full martini glass.  I digress, as usual.  So, we'll see how it goes.  There's already a lot going on in the kitchen what with the multi-colored tile and whatnot.  Sometimes when we get up in the morning and there are 548 dishes from the night before still sitting up on the counter, I feel like I'd like to shove it all in the cabinets and put the doors back on.  But when it looks all cleaned up and I've got new flowers...well, it just might work for me. I'll keep you posted...


  1. I love the tree stump bird baths. They are so LEVEL. Of course you know I love tree stumps too. I always saved everyone I had and nestled something inside a hole them or on top. Your cabinets will look great painted and opened up. I know you will love them.
    ms md

  2. Your stumps look great! Our cat is so thrilled that DH left a 2-ft Cherry Laurel stump for her as a nail sharpener. We have some open kitchen cabinets and really love them. I think you will, too!

  3. What is the BRAND of the green paint? I am thinking of green walls in my BR. I have several samples and like all of them.
    However, my fave is a green towel I bought awhile back and I may take it to the paint lady and say "This is what I want, please."
    I love your stumps, too.

  4. Ms Mudd...I KNEW you would love my stumps. I also, too, also plant little things in mine. I also put bird seed in all mine and the birdies love it!

    Iris!!! HI!!!! I was just thinking of you. I've been reading your blog but not posting because I'm so short on time these days. boo hoo. Thanks for stopping by, my dear.

    MerryMerry...I knew you would like my stumps too! The paint is Valspar. Lowes is really close to me so that's the paint I use. Lazy. Garden Paradise by Valspar. If you go to a real paint store like Sherwin Williams or something, they can paint match for you. oxoxo

  5. I love your new stump bird feeder/ pretty! Love your open cabinets...and I adore the color Olive...I was happy living in the 70's with our browns, olives, limes and oranges! I should bring it back in my house!!! are giving me big ideas!

  6. Just goes to show that the Southern tradition of painting a porch roof blue "so the flies won't land on it" (thinking it's the sky) doesn't work on wasps. And probably not on flies either.

  7. Isn't it amazing that even an old half dead tree, when cut down, leaves a hole to the sky that wasn't there before. It always takes some getting used to for me.

    For the wasps, if you don't want to use some chemical sprey, you can just use warm water with a few drops of dish washing detergent in it and throw it on them or put in a sprayer and spray them. Actually drops them faster than the chemical spray.

    Have you thought about glass in the doors. Looks classy, keeps the dust off your dishes and you can still see them. Just a thought.

    You and Cheryl should come out some time. She knows how to find the place. You have to bring Fin of course. Kids love our place.

  8. I have the ugliest kitchen cabinets that I want to resurface or just replace the doors, but I think we're going to do glass doors for dust purposes. Love your open kitchen cabinets, though, but I think the white looks awesome with the colorful tile.

  9. i love the open cabinets and i LOVE the olive color. i find that the stuff we use everyday never gets dusty, other stuff will, but i just wipe or rinse it out. no biggie.

    oh, and the stump looks great, too!

  10. Speaking of paint colors... do you remember what color the blue in the first photo is? I've been looking for exactly that color for some interior doors and haven't been able to find it...

  11. Doc...The color is Cool Rain by Valspar (Lowes brand). You can see more of it on my post called, "Excuse me, but there's a mermaid on your garage."

  12. Pam: I never knew WHY our porch ceilings had to be blue and now, thanks to you, I know.

  13. Yahooser bears on being brave & cutting down the thing you wanted to cut down. And double yahoosers for using the stumps. We love stumps for things like pots or cat perches. On wasps, we're going through the same thing. I plan to get up real early some morning & hit them with the jet stream attachment on the hose. On your darling kitchen: forgive me, but I love the white contrast against all your colors. What about just painting the trim/supports green and leaving the rest white? Not a designer, me, for sure!


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