Saturday, September 18, 2010

A dog and a gate.

Once upon a time, we had the Best Dog in the World. (We now have 2 other Best Dogs in the World, but this was before that.) Her name was Beaumont, and we loved her so. Here she is with her sister Luna in front of some wickedly cool petroglyphs in Eureka Valley. Beau is the one on the right. I can hardly think of her without dissolving into a fit of despair. Oh, how I miss that good, good dog.

When we first got them as puppies we kept them in the laundry room at night which was attached to our kitchen. Jackdaddy made a little baby door to keep them in it. I wish I had a photo of them in that room with their little noses poking through the cut outs. They eventually became 100 lbs. dogs...clearly outgrowing a laundry room. (By that time they were mostly in our bed at night know how that goes.)
I just loved that little gate soooo much. Even though we didn't use it anymore, I carried it around with us everywhere we moved. I knew that someday I'd find the perfect spot for it. I was right because eventually, it became the world's cutest garden gate.

(It's long been painted because you know I paint everything. Right now it's blue, but it's about to be red.) OK, so, when we got ready to put a front gate on our new house, we figured we'd just make a bigger version of that. We hemmed and hawed a bit, and finally decided to come up with something a little different, but the same. You know how that goes too. I wanted a moon and stars, of course. A moon and stars on top led us into needing something on the bottom. What goes best with a moon and stars? Why trees! Well, one tree anyway.

Oh, it tis a lovely thing. I don't think we've done anything to our house that has generated more comments than the gate. .. maybe the fence itself. I dunno. It's just perfect. Jackdaddy did such an amazing job on it. I was torn about using the distress paint, but I've ended up just loving that too. The mermaid blue all crinkled up just looks so cool to me.

So, anyway, (again) this picture was the first one I used on my blog header. My dear, dear idol, Pam Penick, of Digging fame, featured my blog on her blog and the gate got its 15 minutes of fame. Until now. Now its gonna have oh, at least 30 minutes! Again, Pam has gifted me by using a photo of it during her appearance on PBS's Central Texas Gardener show. Now, I'm hear to tell you, I love CTG! I used to watch it loooong before I owned a house or even thought about being a gardener. Really. I have always, but always been a house junkie, and this was loooong before decorating channels even existed. I would watch CTG to see the houses. The gardens to me were just extensions of the homes. There must have been some desire lurking though because I slowly started looking more and more closely at the gardens, and, well, you know how that goes for sure.
Pam is a fancy landscaper and she did a show about adding zest to the garden with things other than plants. One of the things she talked about was how a gate can lure you into a space.
I was, and am just beyond thrilled. I told Linda, the producer of
CTG, that I felt like a prom queen! Do you read Linda's blog? YOU SHOULD because it is just wonderful and I love it so much. I think I mostly love it because, although I've never met her, I can just tell she's my kinda gal. Her blog is so informative and friendly and helpful and pretty and funny and's really just a perfect blog.

You can find it here:

If you'd like to see Pam on Central Texas Gardener (and you really should see Pam because she is beyond great) and get a peek at my gate (and you really should see my gate because, well, um, just would you, please?) go here:

Or shoot, just stop on by and see it in person. In gate, I mean. You'll recognize me by my tiara and sash.


  1. Michele, your gate is blushing. (And so am I.) It's a fantastic gate, and thanks again for letting me use it as illustration. I bet Jackdaddy will be getting some carpentry requests now that your gate is famous.

  2. You're famous. Well, your fence is! xoxo

  3. Fun! I am an admirer of your fence, IRL. I have been brain storming ways to fancy-up our front gate, maybe painting weird shit on it? Help. ha

    I love the photo of your pretty doggies. Having Luna and Gus inside our house last night was hysterical to me, Ryan suggested that Elias thought they were cows. Big. Dogs.

  4. You are just one heck of a magical Queen, tiara, sash and all.
    I remember Beau and Luna coming to visit. They climbed out of the airplane and were just so calm and happy to see us. There will always be a hole in your heart that nothing can fill but life does go on. Sigh.

  5. That is a fabulous gate. And thank you for the links to both Pam's clip an the CTG blog.

  6. i covet this gate! i would love to hear more of your favorite blogs! i just posted about a guy doing very wabi sabi stuff in joshua tree you might find interesting.


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