Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekending at the Holt House.

Oh, a little of this, a little of that, a little of sumpin' else is going on around here this weekend. I have a spare 14 seconds so, "let me sum up." (Do you know that line from The Princess Bride? Kills me every time.)

Finishing the tile back splash in the kitchen. Four years in the making. Ahem. It looks mucho fantastico though. Jackdaddy did a stellar job, as usual. I'll show you finishedfinished later.

We made some home made strawberry lemonade. The perfect activity for a wild boychild who likes to crush things. FYI, it does not take many strawberries. We made a large pitcher of it, and this was too many berries. I'm way beyond actually counting them, but, if you want to, just know to cut that number in about half.

Fish and chips. Girl, girl, girl. The $400.00 per lbs, sustainably-caught, wild Atlantic cod from Whole Foods makes for some fine pub food. Go figure. I found THIS recipe (gotta love a site called Bottoms Up), and it is the best I've tried so far. However, it did not hold its crunch. Meaning, once the fish was cold, the batter was ugh. Course, we don't much care around here. We just peeled the batter off the next morning and ate it anyway. Oh, there's a shot of the final new back splash! Look how that clever man put ONE red tile in there. I just LOVE that. He said he thought I'd like it, and it matches the tea pot. What a guy, huh?
Last, but not least, here's something that's been taking up a lot of our weekend...

Meet Clover. Or Oliver, depending on who you ask. If you ask me, this is Clover. Could. you. just. die? I simply cannot believe I got talked into another animal. I need to be committed. To be perfectly frank, I think I would love to be committed to some nice, swanky recovery place for a couple of weeks; clean sheets, no dishes to wash, no animals to feed, nobody crawling on my head all night...ahhhhh. (Y'all know I'm just joshin'.)
So, we've been busy, busy. Jackdaddy and FinnigantheCurious are off to meet some astronauts (really!) and I'm off to clean. Lucky me!


  1. Yes! The red tile enchants me. And the kitty? He has gigantic paws so I think he'll be very big and he looks like no other kitty I have ever seen - sort of Obi Wan-ish.

  2. i noticed that red tile right away! perfect. that kitty is so completely adorable, it's no wonder at all that you got talked into it. i'm partial to clover, myself.

  3. Oh my gosh, love your stove and backsplash. Is the stove actually old, or new but looks old?

  4. Ms. Mud...omg ObiWan is the BEST name. He/she is beyond cuteashell.

    Jessie...I'm glad you like clover. You, of the grand baby names, and all.

    Becky - It's a 1951...same year as the house. We found it on Craigslist for about $200!!! Jack fixed it up a lot, but isn't it dreamy?

  5. Awww. Now that's a cute cat. I think they're like human babies though. They imprint themselves on your brain when they're little and defenseless like this so that when they grow up they can get away with anything they want, even when they're not so cute and would otherwise just be annoying.

  6. I mis-read and thought the kitty was named Clovis which is one of my best names ever. But Clover fits purrfectly. Actually, with the big furry feet he should be called Chewie Bacca. (sp?)
    Love the red tile and all the improvements.

  7. Marc - ah yes, the kitty-to-cat syndrome. I'm pretending that won't happen with this one. hahah.

    Clovis!! I love that name too! A kid came over today and said it looked like a Quiver...I really, really like that.

  8. That kitty needs to get kissed on the velvety pink part of its little kitten tummy.

  9. This is perfect! Now you have two siamese kitties!

  10. Beautiful tile job! Precious kitten~kitten, looks like things are great at the Holts! I miss our walks :(


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