Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am still just loving this Fairy Duster that I got at The Natural Gardener. It's the only fancy plant I have in my garden, and it's really proven its worth. I feel like I may be beginning to get picky about plants. HORROR! It was bound to happen, you know. You get one, and then all of the sudden the lantana doesn't do the trick anymore. Sigh. All this rather pedestrian stuff in my garden is looking so, hmmm, pedestrian right now. The lantana are all leggy and wild, and completely out of control. My butterfly weed, which I normally love, is really, really leggy and looking quite unattractive. I just did not have the caterpillar action this year that I have in the past. They haven't been chomping it back this year at all. I'm about to just chop them all off myself. If no one's at the buffet, why bother, right? I put in several Artemisia around the yard and they just plumb damn fell apart! I would show you, but I ripped 'em all up and trashed 'em. I think I got the wrong kind. I wanted the kind that stand up straight and are kinda hard and make yellow bloom things. The ones I got were very fluttery and airy. They just fell apart and kinda turned to dust. Whatever. Moving on from them until I can figure out what kind it was I was wanting. Oh, and my Butterfly Bush? UGH! I just hate the way they're looking. I didn't know they got so wacky and wild. They're taking over everything around them and drooping down everywhere. They are a must move next month. I don't know what I thought they were supposed to look like, but they're not working for sure. Anyway, this pretty Fairy Duster is just doing so beautifully that she's making me want more. More of her, and more of the fancy plants that I usually bypass due to price and lack of knowledge. Am I becoming a gardener? Is this how it happens?

I almost saved this next treasure for a post all by itself, but I've been so slacker about posting that I'd better just do it now (also I just can't wait to show you!)...

Shut UP, right? Guess who FOUND this little jewel on the side of the road? (Found! Found!) No, not me...Jackdaddy! Is that man well-trained or whut? Does it not just scream I Dream of Jeannie? I know this lamp might not appeal to you, but to my mid-century loving heart...I could scarcely breathe upon seeing it. I am guessing that the poor bastard who put this out on the side of the road just doesn't know about ebay or craigslist. I hope, hope, hope he never does. His hipster grandkid is probably over there as we speak
freaking out about him putting that lamp on the curb. That grandkid was probably going to graciously take said lamp and sell it. Sorry, sweetie. It lives with me now.

Payday found me at Urban Outfitters again looking for some more metal letters to finish my GARD_N sign.

I didn't find quite what I was looking for, but I did like these. I wanted it to read, OH HI, but there was only on H. I'm sure these cost about $0.2 to make. I gotta figure out how to weld. I mean, these are probably welding 101 at most. I gotta learn to weld, and to use a jigsaw. I finally gave up on knitting, so maybe that gives me room on my "Things I Must Learn To Do" list. Here's the new E...

She looks kinda cute, right? I had a really bitchin' one that I made out of bottle caps. I mean, I had the caps all laid out, I just needed to have the actual E cut out. One of Finn's friends was overcome by temptation and mauled it, and I just haven't had the umpf to redo it. This cutie pie will have to do until the mood strikes me again.

Whew. I thought I had nothing to say, and instead, I tomed you.


  1. OMG! I hope you really rewarded Jackdaddy for this grand find!!! Gorgeousa!!! Love your Fairy Duster...I will have to see if they will live here...they are so cooool.
    I love the chair the lamp is sitting on!
    Cute garden sign...I like it with the one smaller letter! I wouldn't change a thing.
    Hey I found a jigsaw on the side of the road, and still need to test it, get a new blade for it, and learn how to do cutouts with it,.... I will be making cute signs for everyone!!! Hehehe.
    xoxo- Julie

  2. Man, I love that chair, too! Jackdaddy done good, Mama.

  3. I love the letters--so fun. I may steal this idea from you for my new garden name.

    That fairy duster is so pretty. I admired this plant at San Antone Bot. Garden last year. Watch out--you're getting a taste for more-unusual plants. You know what that means--more fun!

  4. If only you knew a weldor that would teach you to weld, maybe a weldor that has a complete shop and would let you work on your projects in it to learn how. Man, that would be great. But who?

  5. Hey .. I took a short course in welding at Lamar. They kinda kicked me out but not before I learned how. It's a long story. But anyway, I think you have been truly bitten by the Austin Garden bug. My Beaumont bug is kickin' but it is looking just woe-b-gone. It's gonna take some serious rearrangement but it's too darn hot.

  6. Love that fairy duster...what a perfect name for it! and the letters look great, and that lamp, oh my!

  7. Julie - I KNOW...isn't that chair just the coolest too? My dh got it at an auction. Drool! And you found a jigsaw? Nice score. Lemme know if you get working on it.

    Corrick - you come sit your skinny ass in it any ole' time!

    Pam - I'd be honored for you to steal an idea from me. Especially since I've stolen sooooo many from you. I really, really love metal letters. I may have a habit starting.

    BOB!!! NO KIDDING! If I ONLY knew someone. sigh. Dammit...when can I come out and visit Draco? I'm dying to see those ponds.

    Ms. Mud - my yard looks tres crappy right now. The beauty of the blog is that you can just take teeeeny portions of it to show. hee hee. I've GOT to hear your metalworking story!!!

    Jessie - My fairy duster matches your hat!

  8. So funny MIchele! The more I play in the backyard (can't really call it gardening), the more I want to venture beyond the rock rose, lantana, ruellia, mondo, cast iron and jasmine. I'm trying a rose trellis (the very definition of quaint), and also some climing vines. Still can't get them to take though, and your trumpet vine died too. Sorry! Love all your color and 'flare!'

  9. KittyKat, Cheryl was telling me about Desert Willow vine. That it is glorious and EZ to grow. Might be worth a spot. May I just say that I am just getting into Rock Rose? I know! Geeky me...but I love it. And Turk's Cap too! Maybe I am sticking with the old guard after all.

  10. Oh I love those plants and that lamp rocks!


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