Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy #11

A houseFUL of flowers for me, for me. La tee dah! My dearest neighbor and fellow gardener (oh, how I dream of being at her level) graced me with free flowers from her new jardin. They are everywhere in my house, and I am SO happy. And grateful. Muchos Gracias, Ms. Elaine. Your generosity is epic, as always.


  1. I just love the flowers. Maybe I could grow some zinnias now. I need flowers all over my house .. and me.

  2. I see zinnias and batchelor's buttons? Zinnias and daisies are my most favoritea. Elaine, you are so sweet to share your bounty.

  3. I love zinnias! They seem to be some of the longest lasting cut flowers and they're so colorful and happy. I love your little arrangements, too.

    What's the story behind that adorable little reading mouse in the last photo?

  4. Nell, isn't that mouse THE sweetest thing eveah? I found him years, and years ago in the Signals magazine. I heart him. And you. xoxox


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