Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fowl Play.

We got two new chikkins! Paigealicious over at Urban Patchwork brought them to us. Wanna see?

That's Melba on the left. She's a something-something. That's Shirley on the right. She's a something-something else. (I'm very wabi-sabi about chikkin breeds.) I built (I used that term very loosely) a thingee inside the coop to keep them separate from the old girls so they wouldn't fuss. I got up in the morning and the "well-built" thingee was discombobulated and all the chikkins were hanging out together just a clucking and a cooing. Go figure. Apparently, my girls are party girls - the more the merrier, right? (They take after their "mama.") I'm here to tell ya' that chikkins do not like their pictures taken. They don't mind you taking a picture of their butts, but they're face-shy. I must say, I am the exact opposite.

The Great Holt Bird Show that goes on outside my kitchen window revealed a new character yesterday! Check this guy out...

I guess it's a teenager Cardinal? Is it a female? Right now it still has a lot of brown on it ... CRAP, it's 9:00 pm, and I forgot to put the chikkins up!!!! Hang on...

Aargggg... I did it again! I forgot to get out there before dark last night and Melba spent the night in a tree. She's out again and I can't find her spot. Apparently, she's into pulling all-nighters. Drat, Drat, Drat. She's turned out to be the loner girl. No one is mean to her, but she forages alone ... well, sometimes with Shirley, but mostly alone. Oh man...ugh. OK, well, nothing more I can do. She did fine last night so, hopefully she'll be all-right tonight too. I think she was gloating a bit this morning when I came to let them out. The other girls were all huddled by the door ready to go and there was Melba...already out and eating bugs. She showed them! Sigh, I hopehopehope she's OK. I won't forget tomorrow, for sure.

Anyway, what...oh, the little bird. You think she's a fledgling Cardinal?
Maybe she and Melba can hook-up tonight and have a wild bird time of it.


  1. Yeah, that's a cardinal. Young males, so I've read, are bright red but with a brown beak. I guess it colors red when they finish maturing?

  2. I love your blog so much and your yard is amazing!!!! You have really worked hard and it has paid off royally.

  3. the chicken on the left is a brown leghorn. the one on the right looks like a gold laced wyandotte. lovely blog and home!


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