Thursday, August 19, 2010

The butterflies have arrived!

We're all on high alert around here as a butterfly cocoon has been discovered! 

I have a feeling this is just the first of many, as I have lots of caterpillars under the milkweed leaves. 

They're holding very still and I bet they're about to do their thing. 

Here's the one already in progress...
Isn't that just fabulous? Beautiful? Incredible

The caterpillar-to-butterfly must be one of nature's finest miracles. 

The tadpole-to-frog thing is pretty impressive as well. 

 OK, it's all amazing and I seriously never tire of it. 

FinnigantheCurious and I go out and check on this guy about 100 times a day. 

I'm terrified that one of the chikkins is gonna eat it. 

 I think I'm going to put a tomato cage around it to discourage them. 

 I thought about taking it inside and putting it in the butterfly cage thingee, but I just can't bear to. 

Nature is a much better host than I. 

So there it hangs, nature's Superbowl, and we've got front-row tickets. 


I did some silhouette painting yesterday in honor of the process...

It's a veritable silhouette-a-go-go around here. 

These tiny bits of art and gardening are about all I can do these days with the h.e.a.t. 

It's much better to sit inside and think about the great outdoors right now than it is to be in it. 

 I'll be grateful for my place on the map come January though. 

 I like my not-too-cold winters just fine, thank you very much. 

All-righty, I'm off to check the cocoon and shoo the chikkins off the veranda (that's my new, fancy name for my patio). 

Did you know chikkins poop a LOT? 

They do. 

I'll leave you with that.


  1. Love the butterflies - both real and painted!

  2. How do you do the silhouettes? Do you paint them free hand or with stencils?

  3. "please join us for cocktails on the veranda"

    "so you mean beers in your drive way?"


    on to gardening things: I had 3 baby monarch or queen caterpillars on my butterfly weed, but they're all gone. (no where near close enough to cocoon stage). I saw a hornet flying around the plant the day they disappeared--flying like it was looking for something on the leaves and stems...wonder if it did something with them...

  4. I am ignorant (like Jane and Chevy on SNL) but what, exactly, is milkweed? Do you go to the nursery and buy it? What is the care and feeding of it?

  5. I have always felt the same way about the caterpillar-butterfly process -- it really is one of nature's wonders. I hope you get to see your butterful emerge!

  6. Once at the beach we witnessed an incredible butterfly emergence They filled the sky around our front porch for several days. I'll never forget it.

  7. Congratulations! I'm so happy about the new family member to come. Indeed, putting a tomato cage around the chrysalis would be a fine thing to do. Especially for when it emerges: free chikkin food!

    LOVE the butterfly paintings. Must steal that idea pronto.

    If you think chikkins poop a lot, oh no, BUNNIES win the poop award. Geez, how can something so small poop so much? (Fortunately, in a litter box, whew). But my compost pile loves the buns.

  8. The butterfly sillhouettes are the bestest!

  9. Miss WG...I just scrounge them off the internet and print them. Because I am TERRIBLE with an exacto knife, I just cut the butterflies out off the paper, held them up to the wall and drew an outline with pencil then painted it in. Voila!

    Katina - LOL..exactly!! Beers on the drive way. I LOVE that.

    I have to say that I am LOVING the butterflies on the house and now I'm wanting some hummingbirds and an owl. Eek....I'm gonna be the lady with the weird house.

    Anon...milkweed is very common. Some call it butterfly weed. It's super easy to grow, but it does like some water. Sun and water. Well, actually, I only water it when its all shriveled up; it bounces right back.

    Ms. Mud - YOU DID? That sounds amazing. I wanna go to Mexico and see them en masse.

    Linda...well then, I'm glad I resisted Cheryl's bunny offer. I about pooped out around here with 2 dogs, 2 cats, chikkins and 2 boys. hee hee.

    Steve - did you redo your blog??! It looks fabulous!! Am I imagining that you redid it? Can't wait to put the little one to bed and read it!

  10. how do you do the silhouette painting. eager to steal this idea. i have a pretty yucky bumpy scratch-your-knuckles stucco on the outside of my house. do you think it would still work--i have tons of wall space!


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