Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Wabi-Sabi Pond.

So...my dear, dear, dear friend, Stacy Lynn, gave me a pond. One of those black plastic pond thingees. Isn't that so sweet? She is just so sweet and generous. The pond is just one of many delicious things she has given me over the years. It sat in the side yard, oh, forever until I finally got my hooha together and made a plan. Here's how it looked for about 2, uh, um, years. (Really.)

Then, when we had some hardscaping done, we paid the nice guys to dig the hole. I was really, really holding out for paying somebody to dig that hole. I'm not much on hole digging. Maybe that's why my plant collection is so ... um... minimal. I hate to dig holes. It's too hard. I'm too short. The shovels are too big. Whine whine. It was fun to finally have it done. We filled it up right away just to see what would happen.

Ta-da and Ha-ha. It became a kiddie and doggy pool almost immediately. I've been messing with it ever since. I feel like I've made huge progress on it, but now that I look at the (current) final picture, it looks kinda crappy. Sigh. It does look better in real life than it does here...not sure why it looks so ... I dunno, kind of forlorn in this picture.

I do love the little (free!) bridge. Lordy, that suuuucked messing around with that thing. I moved it and tweaked it and lifted it and pushed it and kicked it and slid it every which way to finally decide it looked fine there. I think I just need a lot more plants in the front, but the children love to climb all over it so I want to keep it accessible. Maybe I'll just get some pretty mulch and see if that helps make it looked more finished. I'll tell you one thing, that pond is working. Whatever I did by total accident made for a very efficient system. The pond is so clear that you can see every damn thing in there all the way to the (very shallow) bottom. I'm told this is good. I would prefer a bit more muck as now you can see all the pots and bricks and pump crap. My fish are also very, very happy. We started with 3. We now have about 40 or so. We also have tons of tadpoles in various stages. We also have a resident dragonfly couple. We have actually witnessed the mama dragonfly laying eggs...twice! It is really cool to see her do that. She hovers over the the top of the water and flicks her tail over and over again like she's trying to get something wet. We haven't been able to actually find the eggs, but I know they're there cuz we have tons of baby dragonflies. They are beyond cute! We've got lots of toads, and damselflies, and butterflies as well. It's really hopping out there. I could just sit out there all day and watch the fun. Alas, the humans call and I'm back to being mama. Fortunately, we're all enthralled with the pond and I can almost always bribe FinnigantheCurious to come with me by letting him over feed the fish. Fun, fun, fun.


  1. The pond is just wonderful! I had one once and just loved it even though I did not have as much wildlife as you do. I totally agree about digging. Our soil is sandy and easy to dig in but I just don't like to do that. I think that is a boy thing.
    Your yard is looking more and more beautiful. MerryMerry

  2. I'm so jealous! I want a pond!!!!

  3. You have made that simple plastic tub look fantastic!

  4. If you need fish and plants, I have plenty of both you can have but you have to come get them. There is over fifty little gold fish that need a good home.

  5. That bridge is great find! What a lovely little pond. Your yard looks great!


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