Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oh my gosh... I just cannot believe it's been over a week since I posted. Boo hiss and shame on me.
We had some serious losses around here last week, and I had to do a lot of soothing, recovering, and regrouping.
Grab your hankie and join me for the head count...

We had six chikkins, now we have four. That damn stray cat next door stole one right under my nose! I mean it... I was not more than a few feet away. Sigh. Sigh. So, no more free-range unless one of us is actually sitting right there the whole time. Sitting there being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Or eaten alive by DEET, depending on who's out there. That's one area in which I am a tried and true chemical girl. I grew up chasing the malathion truck through my neighborhood. I figure why stop now? So, poor chikkins, but lucky starving stray cat. She has a baby with her these days so I just can't get myself too upset. I'd kill to feed my baby too if I had to. Sniff. I think she ate Little Peep, but I didn't have the heart to tell FinnigantheCurious. I told him it was Henri. We loved Henri, but not like we loved Little Peep. Killing and lying...that's what mama's do sometimes, right?

Our teen cat, Tibbs, delivered this little dovelette to my feet one evening whilst I sat trying to work on the computer. The dove was shrieking, the cat was growling, I was screaming, the boys were WHAT?WHAT?ing. What a big mess. I kept it inside overnight so that it could try and recover. It was alive and alert the next morning so, I put it back out in a safe place. It seemed to have a hurt foot, not a hurt wing as we thought. I have no idea if it survived - I just couldn't do much more for it. I hope it did. Y'all send a little prayer to it, OK? That kind of stuff just wrecks me for days. I dunno why...heart of Jello, I suppose.
Now for the BIG loss...

Isn't that just the finest lost tooth spot you ever saw? I'm tellin' ya...the first tooth is a BIG deal. HUGE. I swear that one day it was not wiggly, and the next day it was about to fall out of his head. We were all absolutely obsessed with it the entire day and night. Interestingly, FinnigantheCurious was not quite sure how he felt about losing it. The wiggly night brought on some mixed feelings and even tears. He can be quite introspective about this kind of stuff.

Sho nuff, it popped out the next day while he was swimming with friends. I got a call from the mama on duty and she said he said, "Call my mama NOW. I want to go home." I raced up there and found him sitting in the grass all solo. He saw me and burst into tears. Poor little button. He later told me that he liked losing the tooth, but he just didn't feel like himself anymore. I know that feeling. It's like when you cut your hair; you might like, but, boyohboy, you feel different.
All-righty. Well, I'm back in the saddle, I think. I redid the pond, did I tell you that? I found the sweetest little bridge on Bulk Pickup Day - can you imagine? I put it on the edge of the pond. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll show you tomorrow and you can see what you think.
Hope I didn't lose you by being gone so long!


  1. omg, i am so not ready for the teeth loosing yet! it horrifies me. something to be said about loosing the temporal and temporary for the permanent, though.

    sorry to hear about your chicken - we have 3 buried in our garden, a fourth we don't know where its remains lie in perpetuity, and can say it is never easy.

  2. Love that pic of finny!! Poor Peepers :(

  3. Brought back memories of my beans loosing their teefs. It's hard to loose the baby chicks...hang in there!

  4. I am so sorry about the chickie loss but sometimes the nature of things really hurts - part of the package. Now the loss of baby teeth is an entirely different matter. That's Progress, I think.He will have a BIG tooth very soon and I am certain he will be very proud of it.

  5. Sorry about the chicken...is the cat wild? You could contact the Humane Society to see about having it trapped, spayed, and returned to the neighborhood. At least that would mean that you won't have even more starving cats wandering around (they'd try to trap the kitten, too). And for injured birds you can call Wildlife Rescue. I've taken many birds to them through the years.

  6. Mary's advise is great. My advise was to ask you if you put food out for the cat would that slow her down on the chikkens?
    Today is Bastille Day!!! Vive la France!
    PS Ms. Mudd has a BD tomorrow.


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