Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy # 9

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! am I ever happy. Can you believe the cuteness of this kitsch? Do you know what that planter was? Uh-huh, a bbq grill! Holy Moly is that freakishly retro- modern deliciousness, or whut? One of my favorite blogs is The Grackle, and that is where I got, nay, stole the idea. Ever since I saw his post, I've been waiting for Bulk Pick-up Day because I always, but always see these poor, rejected grills on the side of the road. Sho nuff, I was out walking with Cheryl of Conscious Gardening when I spotted it. I brought that sucka home, spray painted it ORANGE, and started succulenting it. (I'm still looking for a big one for my backyard so keep your scavenger eyes peeled, OK?)
What's that you say? Oh, the owl? Oh, that old thing? Again, my lovelies, free, free, free from the beautiful Ellen. Ellen of the fantastically amazing Optic Waste, gave it to me. (She actually gave me 2 of them, but my BFF Jessie saw them and, well, what could I do? She's a fellow owl lover as well as a fabulouso gift-giver so I just had to let her have the other one. She's given me so many lovely things that it was only right and good that I did.) Anyhoo, Ellen is the most incredible artist and former New Orlean and a most intriguing woman. She's leaving my hood (boo hoo) which makes me sad. BUT, she had a yard sale and oh, that made me happy (and poorer). I bought a bunch of delicious stuff, but the owls were free. (I'll show you some more of the Ellen goodness soon. There's a ceramic cow that I'm crazy for.)
Thank you, Ellen. We'll miss you so.
Thank you, Lee, for the inspiration.
La, la, la, thank
you for reading!


  1. Oh, good grief, that orange BBQ grill filled with succulents is a dream!!! That is my fav color filled with my fav plants!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Would that Ellen was moving to my neighborhood.

  3. I love my owl so so so much! I can't wait to get my new house so I can put my new owl on the front porch. And I'm totally copying that grill idea, too. That orange is perfect!

  4. You are a genius with the spray paint! I can't make that stuff work at all-it drips and/or is uneven. I also think your pond is such a wonderful nature study in living action. I want one - I think I need to borrow a truck and hit Austin's big curb distribution.
    Ms Md.

  5. This is too funny. My hubby just surprised the living daylights out of me this week, when a planter much like yours appeared out of nowhere, filled with succulents. He used our old metal fire-pit base, which had been sitting around getting rusty for a couple of years now. I had no idea he was so creative! Guess maybe I should share his creation with the world(on my blog), huh?

  6. Awww, thanks for the shout-out and it was nice talking at you the other night. That owl is lookin' good with his new hair there!

  7. I love it! The BBQ grill is perfect and the spray paint...killer idea. I love curb diving, I tell ya. It's always the beginning of lots of fun things...

  8. You are too funny! Everything looks great!


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