Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy #10 (Double Whammy)

We got new goldfish for our front stock tank. AND a lily bloomed for the first time! Amazing!

Someone stuck these plush babies in our fence. We. LOVE. this. kind of stuff. Whoever you are, we had hours of fun with this. Thank you ever so much!
I hope your day is this much fun!


  1. A secret garden admirer!! What a sweetie to leave you those cute stuffed critters. Addison wants to know what you've named the fish ;). xoxo

  2. I think your yard must attract some very special folks. How fun to find those babies on your fence.
    I want to know what you named the fish, too.

  3. What a sweet water garden!!! Yeah for the lily blooming, and yeah to the cute critters stuck into your fence! How fun!

  4. I just love that! Sweet Bear Baby Neighbors.


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