Thursday, July 22, 2010

Am I simply mad?

Am I the only one who gardens in the heat of the day in the prime of the summer? If I have a project, I simply cannot stop myself. It's madness, I tell you, pure madness! I do know I'm not the only one though. I see others in my hood doing the same thing. This gardening's an obsession, no doubt. Actually, most of what I did yesterday wasn't ever gardening, per say. It was more like, oh, makingthingsbearableing. We have this spot. Oh, this spot is the bane of my existence. It's just a small space, but one that we tramp through all. the. time. After we put the BD fence in, this spot was left ravaged. Eventually (and I use this term loosely), the opener for the gate will go there and it will look more official. Regardless of that, its still a major thoroughfare as it connects us from the breezeway to the backyard on that side. It needed help. A lot of help. It was all chunks of dirt and full of rocks and all uneven with a treacherous hole where the pad for the opener is gonna go.

Ugly, ugly. My poor little pondlette looks so sad and lonely there. I'm really liking that pondlette, weird as it may be. Jackdaddy is not so enthused. He keeps asking me what it is.

Here's the view from the other side.
I dug out about 473 wheelbarrows of dirt, and hauled them to the compost. Then I raked and leveled and raked and leveled and raked and leveled. Then I filled the wheelbarrow with decomposed granite. Then the wheelbarrow fell over from too much weight. Then I shoveled the granite back into the wheelbarrow. Then I unloaded the granite into said area. Then I smoothed and leveled and smoothed and leveled. Then I did the last two parts all over again, including the part where the *%&#^@ wheelbarrow falls over. That was a 2 Tylenol night, my friends.
Now, here's the depressing part. After all that work, the damn thing doesn't look much different than it did. Oh, I mean, it's a clean and tidy and there are no holes or booby traps, but, to anyone but me, it just looks kinda like it did. See?

Sigh. So, you know me, I'm gonna have to gussy it up some. I've got a silhouette idea for that metal wall and I'm having a bit of fun with empty IZZE bottles. (OMG, have you had an IZZE drink? Girl, girl, girl.)
There is some serious kitsch starting to happen around here. Not sure why. Is kitsch a byproduct of being southern? Maybe it's a byproduct of middle age. Now, if you stop by the yard and you see one of those wooden cut-outs of a lady leaning over with her bloomers showing, you feel free to do an intervention. That kinda crap sneaks up on ya', I know it does. I don't know if IZZE bottles are as "bad" as big butted lady cut-outs, but I'm keeping an eye on it all.


  1. i think if you had a wooden cut-out of a lady leaning over in your yard, let's be honest, she wouldn't be wearing any bloomers.

    as far as that spot you've been working on, it looks great. there's so much magic to behold in your garden, i never notice the "problem" areas at all.

  2. I do not know what an "izze" bottle is but I do know what the bending over lady looks like and let me tell yoiu this:
    I agree with Jessica in that your yard looks wonderful to me.

  3. I can see the difference. That's hard, hard work. It's just bound to pay off. Have you tried hypertufa? The cement stuff that you can mold into shapes? The small sack of sackrette can work wonders for small projects and it looks good and might be easier to use in small places. Just add water, squish and smooth into a frame or inside a bucket lined with plastic for ease in getting it out.

  4. I can see the difference too!!! Nice work! LOL on the kitsch!

  5. 473 or so wheelbarrows of dirt, and wheelbarrow with granite falling over. Twice! Whoa, I'd say celebrate! It looks great.

  6. Judging from how you used the word correctly (and knowing you), it seems you probably have already found it on wikipedia. however, (and of course knowing me and my bent / degree) this next comment should be expected: did you read the portion about the philosophical backgrounds?

    There is nothing about your vision which is kitsch, nor your efforts. You may moments like all of us that seek to appeal to demographic we identify with for its affirmation, but you are artistic with design, plain and simply. As a matter of fact, i would say your individualism borders on a respectable rampancy, and that precludes kitsch. You may just be too tired to re-invent the wheel with each new element, but that is ok, and not kitsch. you go girl!!!! and i don't think your hubby would jibe with kitsch anyway, so it is like a double repulsion of the element.

  7. I'll save my Izze bottles for you, BTW I add just the teensiest bit of vodka to it and it's divine. Have you read Susan Sontags "Notes on Camp?" You should if you haven't!


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