Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She shoots, she SCORES!

I'm telling you right off the bat, if you are like me, and you love to stumble upon lovely things at the thrift store, then you'd better prepare yourself. You may even need to get a drink of your choice in preparation. You will for sure need to be sitting down as you may just collapse when you see what I got today.
So...I'm out early this morning on my exercise walk. I was just about to my turn-around spot when, out of the corner of my eye, I see something orange. Now, you know me and orange so I headed on over. Did I mention that it's Bulk Trash Pickup week in my hood? Uh, huh, that's right, freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What is it, you ask? Hoohaaaaaaaa, here we go...

I'm walking down the street in my hood carrying this big ass lamp in one hand, and the shade in the other when I hear, "OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU GET?" It's my friend, Laura, and she's out for her morning run when she spots me. Now, Laura is an amazing artist who makes the most beautiful things ever, and purveyor of all thrifty goodness herself, so I was deeelighted to get to jump up and down with someone. I also got a honk and a thumbs up from a lady driving by in her car. I'm tellin' ya...there's a bond among scavengers that is true and strong. Seriously, my heart is still fluttering just looking at this mid-century beauty.
I'm downright gloating at this point, but I've had the Luck o' the Irish the last few days, and I just have to tell someone. If you've not fainted with envy yet, let me show you what I found on Craigslist Saturday!!! I've been looking for two matching twin beds. I really wanted something in wood, and I really hoped to find some with little bookshelves on the headboard. I found something interesting on CL, so I sent the lady an email. She was having an estate sale as her elderly mama was downsizing. She wouldn't give me a firm price, just encouraged me to come over and look. Well, I schlep over there and, lo and behold, and HOLY S*&#T, she's got a pair of Paul McCobb twin beds in that house. I almost passed out right there and then. The only problemo was the mucho priceo. I was seriously bummed because I was looking to spend Craigslist prices, not estate sale prices. I must have looked grief stricken (I was!) because she promised me she'd call if they didn't sell, and told me they would go down 50% the next evening after the sale was over and done! That was damn near the longest 24 hours I've had in forever. But I'll be damned if the phone doesn't ring and she offers them to me for LESS than 50%. She was "kind" enough to throw in the FORTY-year-old mattresses. Hahaha. She was so cute, I just had to act like I was thrilled about that too. And here they are in all their glory....

I'm doing a little patchwork on a couple of the panels, but they'll be good as new soon. If you're not into furniture or mid-century design, these won't mean diddly squat to you, but to me, it's like winning the lottery. I don't know what I did to deserve such goodness, but I hope the thrifting gods keep it coming!
Someday I'll blog about gardening again. I've got a project just getting going that I wanna show you, and I made a stock tank pond thingee that I'm loving. If I can pull myself away from the light of the orange lamp, and drag myself off the McCobb pieces, I just might be able to take some pictures. If you're needing some good thrifting vibes, you might wanna stop by and you can rub my head or something. Can't hurt, right?


  1. What great finds! I am happy for you!!! Will look so good in your home!!!

  2. I had a double bed with the same type of headboard I did not like at all and gave away. One man's trash, eh?
    Your new lamp is gorgeous and Isobel and I want to come over and read a book while admiring it.

  3. Lucky you! Isn't fun to find just what you want either on the side of the street or at a garage sale or thrift store? I just love that kind of thing. I know you're in heaven.

    I have several curb-side finds I'm proud of...One was a PERFECT-as-in-no-rust-no-holes 1920's oblong wash tub. Lovely. Free! I also found a sweet little metal table that had some rust and I just finished (as in last weekend) removing the rust and repainting it to match the curb-side find of a wonder 1950-1960's metal lawn chair. You know, the kind they are reproducing now?

    Yes, I feel your happiness!!!!

    Whoo-Hoo for you! Laura

  4. This kind of luck just doesn't seem to exist in Los Angeles thrift shops anymore. I did find my swing door to the kitchen in an alley, but that was over 15 years ago! The last mid century lamp I adored, had to have, in a little shop window -- $2,200! So excited for you and just a tiny bit jealous of that lamp!

  5. Thanks Julie!

    MerryMerry...I know that bed. That's what inspired me. I got my love of furniture from you, you know!

    Laura...oh, you got some major scores too! What color did you paint the table? I wish I could score some vintage butterfly chairs. We had them growing up. Even the repos are pricey now.

    Denise...Hi! I KNOW, I lived in LA for 10 years. I did have good luck at a little Goodwill down in Santa Monica/West LA. Wish I could remember the street it was on. I also found some good alley scores. I don't remember LA have a bulk pick-up they?

  6. That orange lamp rocks! I love orange!

  7. Paul McCobb? Really? Make sure you don't do too much repair because those are going to be pretty valuable! Lucky, lucky, lucky. I love midcentury modern industrial design.

  8. My favorite furniture is Eastlake but my budget can't stretch that far.

  9. What a wonderful bunch of amazing things! With your curiosity and Austin's amazing curb-side finds,girlfriend, you are in bidness. I am so excitchatated for you.

  10. I feel sorry for people who just don't get why I would be so much more excited about a find like either of these, than if I had enough money to go into the most expensive store around and buy as much I wanted.

  11. ME too! I swear I'd rather find something amazing than walk in and buy. Not that I wouldn't appreciate walking in and buying

    Eastlake...dream dream. I love it too. I'd like a lovely lake home to go with my Eastlake furniture as well.

    The Paul McCobb...I just glued the material back on the panels a teensy bit. I am still LOVING them so.


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