Monday, June 7, 2010

Seeds, succulents, and shite.

Shall we begin with shite? Let us, then, begin with shite. (I've gotten to.ta.lly sucked into watching The Tudors on Netflix. Can you tell?)

Boy, oh, boy when will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut? (No comments, please.) I've been hooing and hawing about my prolific peach tree to anyone who will listen...even strangers, if truth be told. Now look what I got...peach death everywhere. I was soooo looking forward to a post entitled, "Peachy Galore," (har har) but now it's gonna have to be, "Peachy No More." I mean, there are still a few on the tree. Some. Not many. What. The. Hell? They just got to a certain point then ... nada. Sigh. I'm tempted to try a few of the uh, less green ones. They can't taste any worse the ones in the store right now, right?

On succulents: the new bed is doing well. Perfect amount of sun and shade.
A word to the wise: don't make your succulent bed out of the cement rings that surrounded your 50+ year old oak trees. That's a lot of room for succulents. I think I'll be buying succs for a long, long time. AND, I've got a whole other bed to go! I may have to rethink.

On seeds: look! My Butterfly Weed made seeds! I know you guys that have been doing this a long time won't be too impressed by this, but I am giddy!! I thought some weird Texas bug thing was happening on it. Lo and behold, it just seeded. This is just fascinating to me. All those little potential plants! Right there for the taking! No trip to the nursery required. I got so excited about them that I actually forgot to even plant them. I carried them around in a ziplock bag for days showing everyone. I really like Butterfly Weed, a lot. That's good because one needs a lot of them in the garden so that when you go to bed at night with a lovely yard full of them, then wake in the morning to a lovely yard full of eaten-to-the-ground ones, you will have still have some here and there that survived the night. In reality, this does not bother me at all. The whole reason I garden is to provide home and hearth for critters of all sizes. The caterpillars and butterflies are the most exciting thing in the world to me. I'm gonna tell you all about my all-encompassing pond love someday. The amount of life that is living in and around my tiny pond is staggering. I can sit there for hours (oh, yea, I've got hours to kill around here. Har Har Har.) looking at all the creepy crawlies.

Speaking of...the ubiquitous dragonfly shot. I never, ever, ever ceased to be amazed by the beauty of these guys. That orange/red color is just incredible. I saw a post on one of my homeschooling message boards announcing a "Third Annual Bug Day" at a semi-local farm. Seems like you go out there with your kids and EAT BUGS. E-A-T them. Dude. I'm a vegetarian now, but I was gonna have to just suck it up for this partay cuz you know I'm down with eating bugs. But then I saw this guy and I had second thoughts. Why would I wanna eat him for sport when he is obviously so happy and amazing right where he is. They even suggested bagging June bugs by the gazillion and freezing them for the party. Mmmm, fried June bug. Fortunately FinnigantheCurious was horrified by my suggesting that we go. He gave me the big 6-year-old eye roll and announced that he was not eating a bug and neither was I. Whew, good damn thing someone is in charge around here.


  1. Remember Steve McQueen eating a roach in Papillion?

  2. :( Poop to the peaches. If they're sellin em as I drive through Fburg, I'll pick some up for you and you can pretend. ;)

  3. Sorry about your peach crop. We had similar problems -- looked like a huge harvest this year - we were making plans for peach wine, peach everything! All the neighbors were excited because we would have so many to share and then..... peaches started to drop early from the tree and now the squirrels are wreaking havoc! Plum curculio is a big problem in peaches and there doesn't seem to be a good organic solution to get rid of them. If you have any that are too buggy to eat, don't leave them on the ground or put them in compost. They need to be put in trash as the worms will reinfect or (worse) over-winter and come back next year. I enjoy your blog - Frankie

  4. ooooh!! I have just the crowning succulent for your bed! You know that big' soft leaf yucca that I continue to abuse and trim down every 16 months but still insists on growing back beautifully? Well, I'm getting ready to lop off the top again and according to the Natch Gardener if you put that sucker in the ground it will grow. Would look kick ass in the center. Let me know and I'll behead it, just like poor Anne Bolyn, this afternoon and bring it by this evening.

  5. Dragon flies are magic. No way would I ever eat one. My daughter ate a cricket last year in Science class...and liked it. I prefer popcorn for the buttery taste. Anyway, nice post. Is Finn a vegetarian too?

  6. Oh yea, and did you prune 'em down to one fruit per 6 inch space a few months back? It's sooo hard to do.

  7., no, i did not know i needed to prune. prune = work. No, I'm the only veggie in my family.

    Frankie...thanks for reading my blog and liking it. I finally picked up all the dead ones and put them in compost. I had flies, BAD. ugh. I am saying, MOST cautiously, that the ones that are left are actually looking like real and yellow and still whole, although, still hard as rocks. Fingers crossed!

    Mo - Anne went in the ground today and she drew down the rain with her happiness. Long live Anne!

    Danielle...YUM...thank you SO much for the peaches. damn, they are good.

    Mama - YES!! oh, that makes me want to watch it again. LOVE YOU.

  8. Bunny, sorry about the peaches but at least you can take comfort in the TUDORS! How much do you love that series?!


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