Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project Time.

Pretty abysmal, no? This is a little patch of hell that I've been struggling with. Our house has a breezeway in it, and the breezeway dumps out into this spot. The wall matches our compound gate and it hides the ugly garbage and recycling cans. I transplanted some horsetail reed into it first, and it took off pretty quickly. Then I added some mystery plants I got from a friend's pond. Any ideas what they are? I was afraid I'd waited too long to plant them, but they're doing great!

I am also apparently in mosquito raising business. I'm not sure why I didn't just make this a little water pond. For some reason I made it a bog instead. What I mean is that I dumped a bunch of dirt in there, added the plants in plastic pots, and then added water to make it all slushy. Now that I see the plants doing so well, I wish I'd just done water and the pots instead of all the dirt. Guess I could just dump it all out and just do water, but the thought of all that gunk being dumped out seems overwhelming to me. I got enough gunk around here naturally without adding to it with my mistakes. All I need is a few mollys (fishys) in there and it will be a sweet little mosquito free pondlette. I also have a yummy idea that I'm gonna try to do tomorrow. Today I'm going to gravel around the whole area. It's too hot and I'm too broke to figure out a plant plan. Someday I'd like to have this all planted with some pretty shade plants to help soften all the metal. This spot gets the sweetest bit of late afternoon sun - just right for a boggy mess, uh, marsh. I'm off to dig in the dirt! It's been raining this morning which means the temperature has dropped. Garden on, dude!


  1. How about putting a mosquite dunk in there since you can't have fish. And by the looks great!

  2. The blue one is Pickerel weed. If you do any more pond stuff I will give you all the pond plants and fish you will ever need, even the high dollar lotus that is soooo beautiful. But you would have to come get them.

  3. We have some Indian hawthorn bushes here and I looked at them yestiddy and they have NO LEAVES!!!
    Upon closer inspection I saw what I call leaf-cutting ants hauling away the leaves. I guess the leaves will come back.

  4. Bob...I DO wanna come see your place. If I end up with some pond stuff, that'd be fine, but I am just dying to see your spread. Cheryl said it twas amazing! Thanks for the ID.

    MerryMerry...really?!?! Sounds like those bugs that ate all my big tomatoes. We did not get to eat not ONE big one. They do not, for some reason, eat the cherry toms. Go figgure.


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