Thursday, May 20, 2010


I cannot even begin to tell you how many butterflies, caterpillars, and bugs we saw while camping this weekend up at Garner. I have never in my life seen so many butterflies and caterpillars doing their thing! The wildflowers were magnificent too. I was, am still, amazed that there was just field after field after field of them this late in the season. The weather was insanely perfect. Cool (Cool! in Texas! in May!) and overcast on Saturday. Then we got light and yummy rain on Saturday night in the tent. Sunday woke up overcast, but turned sunny and warm by afternoon which was perfect for swimming. Monday was a carbon copy of Sunday. Lucky, lucky, lucky campers.

I. love. these. flowers! Does anyone know what they are?

So very Dr. Suessian. (Very Theodor Geiselian, as the case may be.)

Dude. Big, badass, bug. I think it's a Cottonwood Borer bug thingee. I have these great Audubon Society Pocket Guides that I got from my MIL's garage. I'm always toting them around trying to get FinnigantheCurious to identify bugs with me. He's, uh, rather, over it, to be polite. However, this bug got us all flipping pages. There's a very similar one in there labeled as a Cottonwood Borer, but this one seems bigger. Maybe because he's from Texas?

Still life with dog and fly. The world's best camping dog - Luna.

The world's best camping boy. Why is it that kid's just do not give a hoot about water temperature? I could barely put my feet in and he was in it all. day. long. I'm such a cold water wuss though. Thank goodness for Jackdaddy and the dogs or he wouldn't have a swimming buddy this time of year.

I love camping. I detest cleaning up after camping. I'd show you the pile of laundry too, but it's just too sad. Anyone wanna come over and fold clothes? Wash dishes? Sure?


  1. welcome home! :)

    have you guys seen this site:
    maybe you can identify your bug there!


  2. I am on the clean-up crew but I with you all the way when it comes to spring-time camping, bug, butterflies and all.
    Ms.Mudd (see, even my name implies how much I love it.)

  3. Milk Thistle I believe :) Sounds like a great trip!

  4. Love your blog. And love that compost jar in the last picture of this post! Did you make or buy it? By the way, I am neighbor on Princeton.

  5. Oh Ms Luuuuna!! How I love thee.

  6. I would rather clean up than camp so we need to hook up.
    My idea of camping is the Marriott.
    I have seen some of those beetle things. We call them Elators or Click Beetles. They look awesome, don't they?

  7. Hils...GREAT site! I'm gonna go look for that guy there.

    Purple Milk Thistle! I'll be damned. I want some.

    MerryMerry - I like the name Elator. I was elated to find the Elator. Is that what they really are?

    Mz Mudd - you ARE a muddy girl.

  8. HI HeatherC! Glad to see you here, neighbor. Oh, you know, that compost bin is just a big mayo jug from a restaurant. I got those letters at Hobby Lobby and stuck them on there. I do love it. You could ask Tony down at Little Deli to save you one, or something similar!

  9. From following your blog, I had a feeling it was homemade! You are a crafty (i.e.- smart, clever as well as creative) gal!

  10. I am not positive about the click beetle (Elator) but that is what my Mother called it and you know Mothers are always right.
    She also said that if a praying mantis spit in your eye you would go blind plus girls who pierced their ears, played in the band and went to the skating rink were not "nice".
    So it goes.

  11. Fabulous trip! I agree, the flower looks like a thistle. The bug is a click beetle. Will look up more info for you.

  12. All-right...I'm going with click beetle then. Clicky click!
    HI LINDA!!!

    Mama...I must not be a nice girl then cuz Mellissa Massingell pierced my ears in 6th grade, I skate ever now and then and I did play in the band. When I was in school, "good" girls played in the band. Times change.

  13. Definitely an Eyed Click Beetle. I have them from time to time in my yard -- very cool to look at, and supposedly they make a loud click when they flip over.

  14. Love that picture of sweet Luna. What a good girl!


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